What Are Some Great 10 great career alternatives for event planners?


The Event planning is amazing, but it is also very tough. Keeping track of endless details, and ensuring everything is perfect is under pressure. Even those who love and want event planning can get worn out after a while. But the good news is that these skills that you learn as an event planner are useful and can help you transfer into a wide range of alternative career paths.

10 great career alternatives for event planner

In this blogpost,, we will explore the 10 best and different career options that might be a great fit for users who want to move from traditional event planning. we break down the jobs into key responsibilities, growth prospects, and ways to highlight the roles that how you can grow and show off your event planning skills when you apply them to another job.

10 great career alternatives for event planner
10 great career alternatives for event planner

Alternative #1: Marketing & Communications

As an event planner, you’ve already mastered the art of your job, and you’ve boosted your attendance and productivity with the help of countless marketing skills.

Marketing & Communications

Your experience, which is used in wooing sponsors, makes a great sound and translates beautifully to budgeting systems such as

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Operations Manager

Potential industries that can fit into a generic include manufacturing, IT, construction, and healthcare, among others.

Making the transition: Maximize your experience and success while updating your portfolio and resume. How many employees, staff, and contractors of your Avon did you supervise? What was your total budget arrangement? How did you successfully organize a complex one-day conference with thousands of attendees under your tight timeline?

Demonstrate skills such as detailing your timelines, being aware of risk, negotiating contracts, and managing budgets. If you have any project management certification or training, be sure to show that as well

Alternative #2: Project Management

If you are a big event planner. So if you take a lot of organization. Event planning is a project management with a fancy title. You are already a master, keeping track of all the details, and budgets, and knowing the complex event that people are involved.

Project Management

These skills can help you land project management jobs in many fields:

Your event planning skills can be transferred to many other different project management roles. These include the project manager, program manager, project coordinator, and even the operations manager. if you find success in managing projects in construction, IT manufacturing, healthcare, and more!

How to show your skills on your resume:

when you are updating your resume, focus on the result that you achieved in the event planning, How many people are there you manage in your biggest event? Did you focus on your budget for the large conference with the tight deadlines?

Highlight your skills every day in your event planning, like creating the schedule, managing the task risk, and contract, and keeping things on budget. If you have taken any project management course or achieved any certification, be sure to mention those too!

Alternative #3: Meeting & Conference Planning

If you love the excitement in the planning of the big corporate events? Why you are not specialized in this profitable field? Here are some exciting careers that you need to explore:

Meeting & Conference Planning
  • Meeting planner: Organize the importance of the business meetings.
  • Conference Organization: Put you in a large conference with many people.
  • Convention Service Manager: All aspects of the convention the booking the space to helping the vendors.
  • Exhibition Manager: Manage trade shows where businesses showcase their products.

How to show you’re a great event planner:

When applying for these jobs, highlight your negotiation skills. Can you get good deals with venues and vendors for things like catering or audio-visual equipment?

Show how you create fun and interesting experiences for attendees by mentioning any creative programming or production work you’ve done.

Getting certified as a Meeting Professional (CMP) or Exhibition Manager (CEM) shows you’re serious about this field. Don’t forget to mention your skills in organizing event spaces, managing contracts, and working with sponsors or exhibitors.

Certification# Certified GloballyBenefitsCosts
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)12,000+Increased earning potential, for the  advanced roles, demonstration of expertise$575 for the exam, plus educational requirements
Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)3,000+Validate skills for exhibition/trade show management, pathway for career advancement$530 for the exam, plus experiential requirements

Alternative #4: Hospitality & Tourism

Show your expertise in travel logistics and guest service and be familiar with working with the vendors in hospitality, If you are an expert in any particular destination you are sure to mention that.

Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hotel Catering Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Tour Operator
  • Convention Services Manager

When you are applying for these types of jobs you can highlight your experience if you can handle large groups of people. And you manage the room reservation for any big event?  Do you know how to create a detailed plan for transport and travel?

If you are an expert in any particular destination you are sure to mention that.

The employers give value to skills like finding and negotiating with the vendors. staying on the budgets, And coordinating bookings of the large group events.  Consider getting a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification or another tourism credential to show you’re serious about this field.

Alternative #5: Event Sales & Catering

Your Event Sales Skills Shine:

Have you mastered the art of building relationships with clients and vendors while planning events?  Your sales skills are probably top-notch!  Here are some exciting sales careers you could explore:

Event Sales & Catering
  • Catering Sales Manager
  • Event Sales Executive
  • Wedding Sales Manager

When applying for these jobs, use specific examples to show your skills in action.  How much money did you bring in by getting big sponsors or selling extra event services?  Can you share the value of the vendor contracts you negotiated?

Show how you build strong relationships with clients and close deals by using smart negotiation tactics.  If you have experience with event menus and food & beverage, highlight that too, especially for catering sales jobs.  This extra knowledge can give you a competitive edge!

RoleAverage Commission Rate
Catering Sales Manager10-20% of total booking revenue
Event Sales ExecutiveBase plus 10-15% commission
Wedding Sales Manager10-18% of total wedding package

Alternative #6: Virtual Event Production

The events of the world has been changed, most of the events are happening online and combined online in one-person elements. The event of planning skills is perfect. Here are some of the amazing and exciting careers that you could explore.

Virtual Event Production
  • Virtual Event Producer
  • Online Conference Coordinator
  • Webinar Specialist

How to show you’re a virtual event pro:

When you are applying for these types of jobs, and show in the successful events that you are working on. 

Highlight your skills in managing the online live broadcasts, keeping your attendance engaged online, and creating a virtual space for those people to connect.

Get familiar with the popular virtual event platforms. Consider getting a Digital Event Strategist and show your certificate to show your seriousness in this field. Do not forget to mention your experience leading teams that work remotely and keeping them interested online.

Get hands-on experience with popular and virtual event platforms like Accelevents, intrados, Bizzabo, And the VPRO. 

PlatformStarting RatesKey Features
Accelevents$1,500+Livestream, breakouts, exhibitor showcases, gamification
VPRO$499+Customizable environments, engagement analytics, continuing education tools
Intrado$599+Webcast and webinar capabilities, on-demand content libraries, white-glove production services
Bizzabo$11,400+ per eventAll-in-one from websites to email marketing, sponsorships, and mobile apps

Alternative #7: Wedding & Social Event Planning

Weddings & Parties Could Be Your Perfect Job! If you have the skills to plan amazing events then wedding and social events are a profitable planning space. Weddings and social events can be a great way to focus on your skills and take a course. Here are some interesting careers that you can explore.

Wedding & Social Event Planning
  • Bridal Consultant
  • Wedding Planner Coordinator
  • Event designer

How to show that you support wedding ceremonies

A no-design version of the app for weddings and social events requires logistical coordination and advanced winter management. Give examples of skills you have already acquired such as coordinating event aesthetics, and day-of event management, and examples of your different experiences such as venues, floral displays, booking gifts, and sneezes with other vendors.

When applying for these jobs, highlight your existing skills.

For example, you can design beautiful events you can handle the smallest details that make things run smoothly on the big day, and you can find the best caterers florists, and other vendors and get the best deals. Discuss on.

If you are a business person, you can also start your own wedding or event planning. So let’s keep in mind that you who are marketing yourself are looking for new clients and will probably need to learn more about the services of some additional help.

Alternative #8: Non-Profit & Fundraising Events

Do you want to use your event planning skills to make a positive impact on the world? Yes, if so, the game may be a perfect fit for profitable fundraising. Most game-profit organizations typically rely on fundraising to raise awareness and build community support. This means that a skilled There is a great need for an air cleaner that can create successful events.

Non-Profit & Fundraising Events

Here are some possible roles for fundraising events

  • Development Officer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Volunteer Manager

Highlight any previous experience in your book that includes planning an event marketing sponsor or donation management or fundraising skills. show up

If you have any experience doing community outreach or organizing large volunteer organizations, be sure to mention that as well.

Generally, it can be seen that these mats are highly valued in the game profit sector.

In general, volunteering with a non-profit gaming organization or gaining experience and networking with people in the field can be a great way to get started. Knowing more about the specific requirements can be very helpful for you.

By highlighting Madli’s skills and experience, you can demonstrate to organizations that you have the passion and skills to succeed in any game-related event planner.

Alternative #9: Teaching & Training

You have accumulated a wealth of knowledge for any planning after years of experience in your event. So if this is the case, it can be a topic for event planning and career planning. By teaching others how to plan an event and the results of planning, you can traditionally make a real impact and help shape the next generation of event professionals. Here are some teaching roles to describe such as:

Teaching & Training
  • Event planner instructor
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Course Instructor

The event can be a great way to educate the next generation of Roses as well as further enhance their skills.

Transferring: While you don’t need a teaching degree to become an event planner instructor, you should highlight any experience you’ve gained.

In general, public speaking workshops are facilitated by those who develop training materials or highlight any of their experience in any guidance. If you were responsible for any training of onboarding and event staff, be sure to disclose that experience as well.

Start building your skills on an online courses platform like Skillshare or an online course site like Udemy by creating your event planning proposal checklist and your lesson plans. Having an excellent portfolio of educational materials will demonstrate your ability to teach the principles of event planning.

You can also consider getting a certificate in event management or any other type or similar certification to further enhance and strengthen your authority. You should keep an eye on the structure positions of any event management program in any college or university near you.

Alternative #10: Freelance Event Production

Planning an event is an incredible opportunity to work with your extensive experience as a Sri Lankan events producer. Freelancing can offer services in event production such as

Freelance Event Production
  • Event Consulting and Strategy
  • Complete Avon Production and Logistics
  • Event Coordination
  • Event Design and Rentals

The world of freelancing allows you to pair up with clients and choose projects that can potentially increase your income over time.

Making the transition: Create a beautiful portfolio website that can help you showcase your various events and experiences with testimonials.

Before that, consider joining your local event community and your investor groups to find some of your clients. Online freelancing platforms like Fiverr or online freelancing marketplaces like Upwork are doing it to find your clients and take advantage of them.

Understand the importance of clear contracts and timely invoices to ensure you protect your business and have a fair settlement.

Also, familiarize yourself with your tax obligations and consider getting business insurance to protect your business.

You can continuously sell your community to your customers through your social media network events and even marketing. You can make your event production business an even more successful one by attracting your loyal clients.


In this blog post I covered the the 10 great career alternatives for event planners, The transferable skills you develop through event planning can open the door to many other possibilities for you.

Remember that the answer to your career search is not about finding a job when you begin this journey. It’s about finding a path that aligns with your passions, skills, and initiatives, is ready for new possibilities, and trusts that you have the power within you to build a fulfilling and successful career.

With your high experience multi-tasking abilities and incredible coolness under pressure, you have the power to achieve in any kind of field in your career.

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