Zong Monthly Social Package Code, Price & Detail

Zong Monthly Social Package

In our modern world, we are active on social media has become a big part of our everyday lives. We use social media to share, pictures & Other Multimedia without our friends and other family members. Seeing how important this is, phone companies have made special deals to help us use social media without any worries. 

Zong has something Amazing offer called the “Zong Monthly Social Package.” In this article, I will tell you all about it, including how to activate this offer and the activation code, price, and other details about its package.

Zong Monthly Social Package
Zong Monthly Social Package

Social media is the biggest part of our daily life, we use it daily for our usage. To help us use it efficiently, phone companies have made Amazing offers. One of these Amazing Offers is the Zong Monthly Social Package.

Zong Monthly Social Package Detail

The Monthly Social Package by Zong comes packed with a range of features aimed at enhancing users’ social media experience. While specific features may be subject to change based on the company’s offerings, the following are some common features associated with such packages:

In this zong Social Package, You give 12 GB of Internet Data For Facebook, Whatsapp, and IMO. And zong also gives you Zong to Zong 250 Minutes and 25 Minutes for the other networks. The Price of this package is very affordable and this package is only for Rs190 the validity of this package is 30 Days.

Package NameZong Monthly Social Package
Internet12 GB
On-Net Minutes250 Minutes
OFF-Net Minutes25 Minutes
PriceRs 190/=
Validation30 Days

Zong Monthly social package Code

The Activation of the Zong Social Package is simple and easy. You can activate this package By following these simple steps.

  • Dial this code *6000# on your mobile phone dialer.
  • Select the option for the Monthly Social Package from the menu.
  • Once the package is selected, you will receive a confirmation message shortly, indicating a successful subscription.

Zong Monthly social package Unsubscribe Code

If you want to Unsubscribe from this package, Then write the SMS “UNSUB” and send to it “6464“. As soon As possible you receive an SMS of de-activation of your package.

Zong Monthly Social Package Check Code

If you check your remaining Package Like Data, Minutes, and other details about your activated package then you dial this code *102#. After dailing you Receive the SMS that you see your Remaining Package Details. The charge for checking your remaining package is 10 Paisa + tax.


This is The second method that you check your remaining MBS without any cost. This is free. You can use My Zong App to check your Remaining MBs and package details. You also activate packages from the My Zong app And see the price of the package in My zong App.

Term & Condition

  • The Company Terms & Conditions apply
  • Service charges are applied.
  • It is offered only for prepaid users.
  • It will not auto-renew.
  • Zong reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Zong Monthly Social Package, its terms, or its availability at any time without prior notice.
  • The package price is subject to change based on the company’s pricing policies.


In a world where Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter have become like friends, Zong has brought us a special gift: the Zong Monthly Social Package

This offer is specially made for those users who need huge amounts of data for 1 Month or 30 Days At very affordable pricing.

In this article Zong Social Package I add all the information that is helpful to you. If I missed any information in this article please give your feedback in the comment section, that is helpful for me. If this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends and other family members.

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What is the Zong Monthly Social Package?

The Zong Monthly Social Package is a special offer by Zong that provides users with a dedicated data allowance to use popular social media platforms without consuming their regular data.

Which social media platforms are included in the Zong Monthly Social Package?

The package typically includes access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. These platforms are commonly covered, but it’s recommended to check for the latest updates on supported platforms.

How do I subscribe to the Zong Monthly Social Package?

To subscribe, simply dial *6464# from your Zong prepaid SIM card and follow the instructions to select the Monthly Social Package.

What is the cost of the Zong Monthly Social Package?

The cost of the package can vary based on Zong’s pricing policies. For the most current pricing information, you can visit the official Zong website or contact their customer service.

 How long does the Zong Monthly Social Package last?

The package is valid for a month from the date of subscription. It provides access to the specified social media platforms throughout this period.

Can I use the data from the Zong Monthly Social Package for other purposes?

The data provided in the package is exclusively for the specified social media platforms. Data usage outside of these platforms will be deducted from your regular data balance.

Is there a fair usage policy for the Zong Monthly Social Package?

Yes, like many packages, the Zong Monthly Social Package might have a fair usage policy to ensure that network resources are distributed fairly among users and prevent misuse.

Can I subscribe to the Zong Monthly Social Package multiple times within a month?

Yes, you can subscribe to the package multiple times within its validity period. However, any remaining data from the previous subscription won’t be carried over.

Will my data speed be affected when using the Zong Monthly Social Package?

The package generally offers high-speed connectivity for social media platforms. However, actual speeds can vary depending on factors like your location and network congestion.

 How do I check the remaining data volume in the Zong Monthly Social Package?

You can check your remaining data balance by dialing *102# from your Zong SIM card.

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