Zong Instagram Package Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong instagram packages

Today In this article we will share details of the Zong Instagram Package and you will also know how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Zong Instagram Package. Instagram is the most popular social media application. Now this Days Instagram is growing rapidly. For this high usage of this social media application, Zong has offered his Instagram Package for their users. 

Zong Instagram Package Daily, Weekly & Monthly

This is the best method that zong can attract new users for their zong Packages. Zong has offered their Instagram and another package at very affordable pricing to their users. 

Zong Instagram Packages

Zong can provide Three Types of Instagram packages that I mentioned below.

  • Daily Instagram Package
  • Weekly Instagram  Package
  • Monthly Instagram Package

Zong Free Instagrma Package

Some people use Instagram for their communication purposes. Zong are always offered the cheapest internet package for their subscriber. Install the Instagram App through the Google Play Store Or Apply App Store and you can use the Zong Free Instagram Offer for three 3 days.

NameZong Free Instagram Offer
Validity3 Days
ChargesRs 0
CodeCreate a New Account & Get a Free Instagram

zong Instagram Package Daily

Zong provides the Daily Instagram Package For their Users  In this package You can get !.5 GB of internet Data for 1 Day in Only RS 25 PKR. 

NameDaily Instagram Package
Internet1.5 GB
Validity1 Day
ChargesRs 25/=
  • Dail this code *47# to activate this package
  • You can Get 1.5 GB Data
  • In only RS 25.
  • For Only 1 Day

How to Subscribe?

To activate this zong daily Instagram Package. You only need to dail this Subscription code *47#

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from this offer, you need to dial this code *47*2#.

Zong Instagram Package Weekly

Zong provides a weekly Instagram Package That gives you 25 GB of internet Data for the last 7 days of usage for Only Rs 385. You can easily activate this package By Dialing this code *220#.

NameWeekly Instagram Package
Internet25 GB
Validity1 Week OR 7 Days
ChargesRs 385/=
  • For Subscribe to this package Dail this code *220#.
  • Get 25 GB of internet Data.
  • Validity is only 7 Days.
  • The price is only 385 (incl. Tax)

How to subscribe

To activate this offer you just need to dail this code *220#.

How to Unsubscribe 

To Unsubscribe you dial this code *220*2#.

Zong Instagram Package Monthly

Zong Monthly Instagram Package In this offer you can give 20 GB of internet data for 30 Days at the price of 575 only. In this package 10 GB of internet Data is used between 1 Am to 9 Am. and 10 is for day usage.

NameInstagram Monthly Package
Internet20 GB
Validity30 Days
ChargesRs 575/=
  • Dial *3# for activation of this offer.
  • You can 20 Of Internet data.
  • The validity of this offer is only 30 Days.
  • The Price is only Rs 575.

Zong Monthly Mini Instagram Offer

Zong provides the zong monthly Mini Instagram offer for their users at low prices. In this package, you can get 150 MB for 30 days or 1 month.

  • Dail *6464# follow the menu for activation Instagram mini monthly offer.
  • you will get 150 MB of data for Instagram usage.
  • The charges of this offer are only Rs 50 + tax.
  • The validity of this offer is only 30 Days.
NameMonthly Mini Instagram
Internet150 MBs
validity30 Days
ChargesRs 50+Tax

Term & Condition

  • Terms & Conditions apply.
  • service charges are applied to these offers.
  • This offer is only for the prepaid users only.
  • The Out of Zong package The price is only Rs 1+Tax/MB  will be charged as per One MBs.
  • The charges of the remaining Mbs Check will be charged Rs 0.10 + Tax.

The 3 Methods to activate this offer

For activation of zong Instagram packages, you need to follow the 3 methods that I mention below.

  • 1. zong code
  • 2. My Zong App
  • 3. Zong official website

You will check your remaining MBs on the My zong app This is free to check your MBS without any charges. You can also use this second method to check your remaining package You will visit the official zong website or contact their helpline customer service which will provide details about the remaining package, such as duration, data, and price.

After completing the activation process, you will receive a confirmation message from the zong as soon as possible.


In this article, I will provide the best information about the zong Instagram package daily, weekly, and monthly. I add only the information that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article give your feedback in the comment section. If this article Zong Instagram package is helpful to you please share this article with our friends and other family members who are connecting with you and are entertained by this package.

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