Zong 2 Hours Non-stop Offer price & Code Detail

Zong 2 Hours Internet Package

Zong Is the largest and the fast 4G internet Provider in Pakistan. Zong gives Amazing call and internet offers for their SIM users. Zong has introduced the “Zong 2 Hours Internet Package” to meet the increasing demand for quick and affordable data solutions. 

In this article you know about the Zong 2 Hours Internet package code and How to Subscribe to this package, so stay & Connect with our website and explore the incredible journey of the zong 2 Hours Internet Package!

Zong 2 Hours Internet Package Detail

The Zong 2 Hours Non-stop offer is a prepaid service for the prepaid zong users. In this package, it provides its users with unlimited on-net call Minutes. This package includes 1GB of Internet Data, and to it, users to use the Internet and social media apps for 2 Hours easily without any restriction.

zong 2 hours internet package

The charges of this offer are very affordable and cheap that every person can easily afford this package the price of this package is RS 14+ Tax and this offer is only available for 2 hours only.

Zong 2 Hours internet package code

If You want to subscribe to this zong 2 hours internet package. You need to follow this simple method.

By the code

Dial the code *3000# or *5000# to activate this offer for 2 hours.

Packages Offer Name2-Hour Non-Stop Offer
Validity2 HOURS
Internet Data1 GB
Activation Code*3000# OR *5000#
ChargesRS 12

By the SMS

write the Text “SUB SSB” and send it to 744 to activate this offer.


This offer is also available on the MY ZONG APP.

This offer is available on the RS 10 Shop.

Deactivation Code

Write the SMS Text “UBSUB SSB” and send it to 744 for the package deactivation.

You can also deactivate this offer in the My Zong App.

Term & Condition

  • Term & Condition are apply.
  • This offer is only avail for the zong prepaid users only.
  • Company Service charges apply.
  • A General Sales Tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable)
  • Federal Excise Duty (FED) of 16% applies on usage.
  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on every recharge.
  • The package can not be renewed after expiration.


The zong 2 hours internet package is a good package for that user who needs unlimited call minutes for 2 hours and they get 1 GB of internet Data that can be used for the last 2 Hours easily. In this article, I give the best that are helpful to you and must be beneficial for you. If this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends and other family members who get benefit from this offer. 

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What is Zong 2 hour call package?

This is the 2 hours call package that provide the zong for their users who get continues call conntection for the last 2 hours.

How can I subscribe to Zong 2-hour call package?

If you want to subscribe this zong 2 hours call package then dialing this code *3000# and acticate this package.

What is the subscription fee for the Zong 2-hour call package?

The Subscription fee of this offer is very cheap and affordable it is only Rs 14 Only.

This package is available For both prepaid and the post paid customers.

This offer is only available for the zong prepaid customers only.

Can i Subscribe the Zong 2 Hours Non-Stop Offer multiple times in a day?

Yes! You can subscribe this package multiple times in a day with out any tension.

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