How to Take Ufone Advance Balance – Ufone Loan Code

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How to take Ufone Advance Balance

If you are in a situation where you make a call and you do have not enough balance On your SIM, especially in an urgent situation.

Ufone has understood these types of situations and has solved this type of problem and given a solution to this problem which is the Ufone Loan Service.

In this Advance Loan service, you need to allow a request for a loan By dialing the Ufone loan Code. Whether you need to make an important call in an urgent situation then you use this Ufone Advance balance loan.

In the telecom field, Ufone service to millions has emerged the No One Pakistan’s leading provider. And Cover all Over Pakistan.

In this article I will guide you properly on How to Take a Ufone Loan, I give the method for Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid Customers. In this step-by-step guide and instructions that you follow until the end of the article. You know the various information regarding the Ufone Advance Loan in this article like the Ufone Advance Balance code, Unsub Code, and the Eligibility criteria.

How to take Ufone Advance balance

In this article, I give you the 2 methods that which you can get Ufone Advance balance easily.

  1. By the Ufone Loan Code
  2. By My Ufone App

Ufone Loan code

Getting a Ufone loan is very simple and easy you just need to Dial the Ufone Loan Code. The Loan Code offers you a way that you can get an advance balance On your Ufone SIM. If you are in a Critical situation and you have no balance in your Ufone SIM. then you use the Ufone Loan Service.

Ufone Loan Code

Ufone Prepaid Advance loan code

If you are a prepaid Ufone SIM User, If your SIM is out of balance and you need an emergency recharge, then follow the instructions given below.

Ufone Prepaid Advance Code
  • open your mobile dialer
  • and dial this code *456# 
  • after dialing this code you can get a Rs 20 balance in your account.
  • The Charges deducted from your account are Rs 4.40.
  • the Rs 24.4 is deducted from your account for the next recharge.
  • So you can get this advance balance, your balance must be less than Rs 11.95.
  • Only prepaid users can apply for the advance loan.
  • you can get an RS 20 loan from the next recharge.

Note: It is not free the Charge is deducted from your balance is Rs 4.40+tax, when you next time of recharge.

Term & Condition

  • The Company Terms & Conditions apply
  • After you can get the Ufone advance loan, dial this code you check your amount *124#.
  • For more information contact at helpline at 333.
  • Service charges are applied.
  • This service is only available for the prepaid user.

Ufone Loan Code for Postpaid Users

If you are a Ufone SIM Postpaid User then Ufone can give Ufone Advance balance service for the postpaid user also. For getting a ufone advance loan follow this below information.

Ufone Postpaid Advance Code

If you are a postpaid user and you need a Ufone advance balance then you need to Dial this Ufone postpaid advance loan code *229# from your Mobile dialer.
After Dialing this Ufone Loan Code follow the instructions.
you will receive a confirmation message about your postpaid advance balance.
The charges of Rs 5+tax are deducted when you get the next recharge.

Get Ufone Loan With My Ufone App

There is another method that you can get a Ufone Loan with any Ufone Loan Code. This is a very easy and simple method that you can use. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the straightforward steps to secure an instant loan, ensuring that you remain connected without interruptions. Say goodbye to balance concerns and hello to convenience with Ufone’s user-friendly loan service.

Get Ufone Loan With My Ufone App

Follow this simple and step-by-step instruction that you can Advance your balance By the My Ufone App.

  • Install My Ufone APP From the Play Store
  • Login by using your Number and password.
  • If you are using this app first time then you need to sign-up first.
  • After Login look at the section labeled “loan” Or “credit” section in the app.
  • In the loan section, there should be an option to request a loan, Tap On It.
  • After selecting the loan amount, submit your request. The app will tell you if you’re eligible and the terms of the loan.
  • If you’re eligible, you’ll be asked to accept the loan terms, including any service fees and the repayment date.
  • Once you accept the terms, the loan amount will be added to your Ufone account. You can use it for calls, SMS, or data services.

Please note that the process and the policies may be changed, So it is important to check the latest instructions on the MY Ufone App OR the Ufone Official website for the current information on How to request a loan. If there have been updates, they should be clearly explained within the app or on their website.

The Benefit of Ufone Advance Balance Loan

The Ufone advance balance loan service has many benefits including:

  • It is the best service if you are in an emergency and you do have not enough balance for a call.
  • than ufone offers this service for this user to get the ufone advance loan and make a call.
  • It is an affordable service that charges a minimum service fee.
  • it is a flexible service that you can get a loan easily and fast.

Eligibility Criteria

In order if you check that you are eligible for the Ufone Advance loan then then read this instruction carefully.

your balance is lower than the loan amount, the Ufone company has set the loan request that the limit is up to Rs 11.95/-.
That means that you get a loan in that situation where your balance is below Rs 11.59/-.

All prepaid and postpaid SIM users can easily avail of this Service with their Ufone advance Loan.

How to Unsubscribe from Ufone Loan Service?

If you don’t want this automatic balance addition to your SIM Balance, then you can remove this very easily. In that case, you can get help from the Ufone Customer Service by calling their helpline is 333. Once your call is connected with the Ufone representative, then ask him to deactivate the Ufone Advance loan service. This is the way that you can control your balance and avoid unexpected balances are addition to your SIM.

unsub ufone loan service by helpline


So in this article, you learn about how to get a Ufone advance balance and discuss the Ufone Loan Code. I hope you also learn the other way that you can get a loan from this article.

we included all the recent details and I added all the methods that actually help you.

if I missed any detail in this article please comment your feedback in the comment section. I hope this article is very beneficial for you please share this article with your friends and other family members who want to know the Ufone advance Balance.

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How can I get my Ufone loan code?

Dial this simple code *456# and you can get the advance balance in your account.

How do I check my eligibility for the Ufone advance balance loan?

Your advance balance eligible balance is less than 10 rupees.

How do I repay the Ufone advance balance loan?

The loan amount and the service fee are deducted from your account balance the next time you recharge.

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