Telenor Whatsapp packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly code 2023

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Telenor whatsapp package monthly, weekly & daily

Whatsapp is a social platform that we can use in our daily life. Whatsapp is the best app that you can easily communicate with your friends and other members. On WhatsApp, we can easily share our photos, video, and documents with our friends. 

Telenor Whatsapp Packages

As increase the usage of WhatsApp day by day, that way telenor can give the top telenor WhatsApp packages to their users. Telenor can offer Daily, weekly, and monthly, WhatsApp packages to their users.

Telenor’s Whatsapp packages are a good choice if you’re seeking an economical and dependable way to stay connected on the fly. Telenor provides flexibility and affordability to meet a variety of demands and budgets by offering day, weekly, and monthly packages.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Telenor Whatsapp packages in this article, including how to subscribe, package details, and other crucial factors. Let’s get this party started!

Telenor Whatsapp Packages

Telenor offers three different Whatsapp packages, each designed to meet different usage needs. Here’s a brief overview of each package:

  • Daily Whatsapp package
  • Weekly Whatsapp package
  • Monthly Whatsapp package

We are discussing below in detail about  Telenor Daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Telenor Daily Whatsapp Package

If you’re looking for a short-term Whatsapp package, the Telenor Daily Whatsapp Package is an excellent option. This package offers 50 MB of Whatsapp data for one day, allowing you to stay connected without committing to a longer package.

Telenor Daily whatsapp Package

To subscribe to the Telenor Daily Whatsapp Package, simply dial *311#. The package costs just Rs. 2.5 (including tax), making it an affordable option for anyone on a budget.

Telenor Daily Whatsapp Package detail below.

  • Rs 1 Only Charge required
  • The Validity of the telenor daily WhatsApp package is 1 day or 24 hours.
  • You will get 50 MB of Data.
  • The subscription code is *311#.
  • you can also enjoy WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook in this package.
Package NameDaily Whatsapp Package
PriceRs 1
MBs50 MBs WhatsApp, Facebook
Validity1 Day

Term & Condition

  • prepaid use is eligible for this offer
  • Multiple subscriptions are free they do not merge
  • company terms and condition are apply
  • Service charges are apply
  • Bundles are not renewed automatically when they expire
  • Call charges are 12.5 paisa+ tax will be charged on every call.

Telenor Weekly Whatsapp package

If you need Whatsapp access for a longer period, the Telenor Weekly Whatsapp Package may be a better fit. This package offers 350 MB of Whatsapp data for 7 days, providing a more long-term solution for Whatsapp users.

Telenor Weekly Whatsapp Package

To subscribe to the Telenor Weekly Whatsapp Package, dial *5*7#. The package costs Rs. 23.45 (including tax), making it a cost-effective option for those who use Whatsapp frequently.

If you are using WhatsApp for a short time then I recommend this package for you. The price of this package is very affordable and every Telenor user can easily afford this Whatsapp package.

Telenor  Weekly package Detail is given below

Package NameTelenor Weekly Offer
PriceRs 120+tax
MBs350 MBs whatsapp, 100 MBs browsing Data
Validity7 Day
On-Net Minutes1000
Off-Net Minutes70

Term & Condition

  • The company Term and Condition are apply
  • Service charges are apply
  • Only prepaid users are eligible for  this offer
  • Price and the resource are based upon your location
  • Multiple Subscription is not merged together
  • If Bundle is expiring it can not be Renew automatically
  • This offer is only valid for the 7-day or 1 Week

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp package

Finally, Telenor offers a Monthly Whatsapp Package for those needing even more Whatsapp data. This package provides 2000 MB of Whatsapp data for 30 days, giving you a large amount of data to stay connected throughout the month.

Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Packages

To subscribe to the Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package, dial *247#. The package costs Rs. 1 (including tax), making it an affordable option for heavy Whatsapp users.

In the Monthly telenor WhatsApp package, Telenor gives their users a large amount of WhatsApp Data That they can use for 30 days and enjoy with their friends and family.

Here Telenor monthly package detail is given below.

Whatsapp PackageDataPriceDurationCode
Telenor Monthly Whatsapp package2000 MBs Data for WhatsApprs 1 incl.tax30 daysTo Subscribe, Dial *247# To unsubscribe Dial *124#
Telenor Whatsapp and Monthly Social PackFacebook & WhatsApp 3000 MBs 10,000 SMSRs 44.45 Incl:tax30 DaysTo Subscribe, *911#
Telenor Whatsapp Monthly Package Social Pack PlusSocial Pack Plus Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp 5000 MBs 10,000 SMSRs 85 incl:tax30 DaysTo Subscribe, Dial *660#

Term & Condition

  • Service charges are applied.
  • The package can not Re subscribed to before 30 days.
  • Only prepaid users are eligible for this offer.
  • The bundle can not renew automatically.
  • Multiple Subscription can not be merged
  • The price is based on your location
  • This offer is only  for 30 Days

Telenor Whatsapp Packages Subscribe With The App

This is the Simple method that we can subscribe to the Telenor Whatsapp package through the telenor app is a simple and easy process. Here I give you a step-by-step guide.

Telenor Whatsapp Packages Subscribe with App
  • install the telenor app from google or app store.
  • Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the “Offers” tab on the bottom menu.
  • Select “WhatsApp Packages” from the list of offers.
  • Click on the “activate” button
  • you successfully subscribe to the package.

Telenor Postpaid WhatsApp packages

Telenor also provides Whatsapp packages to their postpaid users. Telenor is not only providing WhatsApp packages to their postpaid user but telenor provide Facebook, Twitter, and other internet packages to their postpaid users. In this Bundle, postpaid users can get unlimited Mbs, for whole the month for their social apps.

The Postpaid WhatsApp package detail is given below

Required charged Rs 100

Duration: 30n Days

Data: Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter data.

code: *345*486#

Package NameTelenor Postpaid Social Bundle
PriceRs 100
DetailUnlimited Mbs for Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter
Duration30 days Or 1 Month

Telenor Whatsapp Package Monthly Unsubscribe Code

This package is not auto-renew. If you want to subscribe to this WhatsApp package then you need a code that you can dial and easily unsubscribe your WhatsApp package. The Telenor WhatsApp package Unsubscribe code is *147#.


I hope you read this article, in this article, I add all the latest detail about the Telenor WhatsApp package monthly, weekly, and daily codes. If I missed anything in this article then give me feedback in the comment section. Your feedback is very helpful to me.

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What is Telenor monthly WhatsApp package? What is the code for the monthly WhatsApp package?

The code for subscribing to the Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package is *247#, customers can subscribe to this package by dailing this code and then following the instructions on the screen.

How can I subscribe to Telenor WhatsApp monthly?

You can subscribe to this Telenor monthly package with this easy code That I already provide in this article.

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