Telenor Balance Save Code || How to save Telenor Balance

Sheheryar Ahmed
Telenor Balance Save Code

Every network user is complaining about the company cutting their balance when they make a call or send an SMS. But the major reason is that they charge when you use the internet without any package.

To solve this problem the Telenor company has launched a service for their use called the Telenor Balance Save Service. Once you activate this service by the Telenor Balance Save Code you also activate it from the Mobile Setting. Once you activate this service, your Balance is saved when you are using the internet.

Telenor Balance Save Code

Telenor is the biggest telecommunication contributor in Pakistan, By their amazing offer for its customers.

The Telenor company provides their offer to the Pakistani nation with their wide and affordable packages such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Offers. After activating this offer the charges are deducted from your main balance

What is the Telenor Balance Save service?

The Balance save code is a service that enables users to save their remaining balance from expiry. By dialing a specific code, Telenor users can extend their remaining balance’s validity for a specific period, allowing them to use it for longer.

The Balance save code can be beneficial, especially if you’re running low on credit and need to make an emergency call or send a text message.

How to save telenor balance

This is the first method that you can use to save your balance when you are using the internet. you also use the other methods that the code doesn’t work for you.

I also provide the other options to your Readers.

You can call the Telenor Customer support “345“. OR

Dial the Balance Save Code *7799# OR

Turning off the inactivated package’s apps.

By these given methods you easily save your Telenor SIM Balance.

Telenor Balance save code

Is a very simple and easy method that you can save your balance when you are using the internet, Telenor balance save code is very helpful to you.

How to activate It?

Here is the following detail about how to save Telenor balance. follow the instructions that I have given below

  • Open the dialer of your Mobile phone
  • Dial this code *7799# 
  • And press the Dial button
  • You get the confirmation Message of the subscription
  • Finally, you subscribe to the Telenor balance save service.
Telenor Balance Save Code
Telenor Balance Save Code
Service NameTelenor Balance Save Code
Data300 MB Free Internet Data
Validity30 Days
PriceRs 5
Activation Code*7799#

By this code, your balance is saved when you can use your internet your mobile balance is not cut. And you easily use your internet without any problem.

Balance Save & Lock Trick

This is the second method that you can lock your balance. Dial this code from the Telenor sim and you can easily lock your mobile balance.

  • Open your mobile phone dialer
  • Dial this code *7799#
  • follow the instructions of the network operator
  • confirm you subscription
  • you can subscribe to “Balance Lock Service

Balance save by mobile setting

  • Open Your Mobile Setting
  • Go to the Network Settings.
  • Clicking on The Mobile Data, A list has been appearing right now.
  • Here is the list that those apps that access your Data.
  • Turn Off all those apps that you have no package activated right now.
  • Only Turn On those apps that you are currently using.
  • Now you can use your internet without any charges or tension.
Telenor Balance Save By Mobile Setting
Telenor Balance Save By Mobile Setting

Term & Condition

  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • This balance save offer is totally free.
  • Telenor can change the code at any time
  • This offer is only available for prepaid customers only
  • You must be sure that your sim is biometric verified.
  • Government taxes will be applicable in any case.


In this article, I add all the information that I want that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article then give you feedback in the comment section. Your feedback is very helpful to me.

I hope that your problem is solved by the provided methods. Now you can easily use the Internet without any tension of balance deduction.

As the company has the right to change the Telenor balance save code and charges at any time, if any method that I give you above that’s are doesn’t work, then you use the other method that I provided

after reading this article, I hope this article is helpful to you. please share this article with your friends and another member who wants to know how to save telenor balance, I say definitely this article is very beneficial to your friends.

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How to save Telenor balance while using the internet?

To save the telenor balance this code *7799#

What is the code of Telenor balance?

This is the code where you can see the remaining balance from this code *444#.

How can check Telenor’s balance history?

Telenor users can get a free subscription by dialing this code *1122#.
Telenor Economy Package users receive SMS daily of the Balance usage at 10 A.m. for the next 30 Days, you see the previous Days usage.

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