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Telenor Advance Balance Code

Hi if you are looking for a Telenor Advance Code If you are in an emergency and you do have not enough balance to make a call then don’t worry because Telenor can offer a loan for their use of RS 20 advance balance. This is the emergency load you can get this load any time anywhere. 

so today in this article we learn how to get a telenor Advance loan.

Telenor Advance Balance Code
Telenor Advance Balance Code

Telenor offers the facility to their prepaid users when they are in an emergency and they have no sufficient balance they avail of this offer and get the Telenor loan.

If you are in an emergency situation you need to send an SMS or make a call urgently without having any balance.

When you are feeling hopeless you have an option in that situation that is Telenor Advance Balance loan to use the Telenor Advance code in that situation. With this Telenor service, you receive an Advance Balance In an emergency situation.

In this article, I will tell you the 2 best methods that you can Get Telenor Advance Balance.

  • By Telenor Advance Code
  • By Telenor App

What is Telenor Advance Code?

The code of Telenor advance is *0# and you can get the Rs 20 loan from Telenor. the service charge of this loan is Rs 5.30. this tax can be deducted from your first recharge.

How to Get an Emergency Loan On Telenor

If you want to get an Emergency loan from the telenor, then you can Follow the instructions I have given below.

  • open your phone dialer
  • Dial this code *0# 
  • and then press  on dial
  • after waiting a confirmation screen appears on your screen.
  • you get a 15 Rupees loan on your mobile
Service NameTelenor Advance code
Subscription Code*0#
ChargesRs 6.5 incl+tax

Telenor Avance Loan Check Code

If you want to check your Telenor Remaining Loan balance then you can check these code

Dial *444#  and Call 555 then you can check your remaining balance.

Telenor Advance UnSub Code

If you want to Unsubscribe This Telenor Advance Emergency Loan, In that case you don’t need to do it. Because this is not a recurring Package from Telenor.

ow to get a Telenor Advance loan By My Telenor App

You can get a Telenor Advance balance by the My telenor App. Telenor offers this App to their user, they can check their balance and subscribe to their Internet packages through this app. This Telenor MY app is amazing and helpful to telenor users. 

Telenor Advance loan By My Telenor App
Telenor Advance loan By My Telenor App

This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Telenor My App is available in both In play Store and the App Store. that you can easily use it on your mobile phone.

if you want to get a loan from the telenor my app then First you can install this app from the Play Store on your mobile phone.

This is a step by step process follow this process that I have given below

  • Go to the play store and search
  • My Telenor app
  • and install this app on your mobile
  • open this app and click on sign in
  • after login into your account
  • Here you can see get a loan, click on this
  • and click to activate button to get it.

Term and conditions

  • Terms and conditions are applied
  • They will credit Rs 30+ tax as soon as your next recharge
  • Telenor Advance Balance Loan will be charged Tax 6.5 on your next recharge.
  • This offer is only available for prepaid users.
  • For you can get the next loan you must clear your previous loan.
  • This is 30 day time period of telenor advance balance.
  • To check your advance loan dial *444#
  • For more information go to telenor helpline


so today in this article we discuss the Telenor advance code, I include all these things in this article that are helpful and informative to you. If I missed anything from this article then give your feedback in the comment section, that is helpful for me.

Please share this article with your friends and another member who wants to learn about Telenor advance loans, this article is definitely beneficial to your friends and this very helpful in an emergency situation.

thanks for reading this article.

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What is the Telenor loan code?

For the telenor advance loan code, you dial this code *0#.

How can I get advance SMS in Telenor?

For the telenor advance, loan code dial this code *1122#.

How can I save the balance on my Telenor SIM?

Dial this code to save the balance *7799#.

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