SCOM Latest Internet Packages,3G/4G Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023

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SCOM Latest Internet Packages

Today in this article we are discussing the SCOM internet packages, with the call, SMS, and Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Packages.

In Pakistan the public sector organization the operating system under the guidance of the Ministry of IT Technology, and with the government of Pakistan. This is a Special Communication Organization (SCO). This is Commonly Known as Scom. 

Scom was established in 1976 and this is launched in 2004, in the area of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. And now a day this company plays a very important role in the AJK and GB as a Telecommunication service.

SCOM Latest Internet Packages

The Scom telecom company can cover almost nearly 450 villages and towns in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

The first thing that you keep in mind that is this network is only Available in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Is not available in other provinces of Pakistan like Sindh, Punjab, KPK, and Gilgit-Baltistan. 

when tourists from Pakistan and other countries visit these places they can use this network in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Because the other network is not available in these Areas.

SCOM Internet Packages

Gilgit Baltistan & AJK are the Mountain areas of the paksitan. they almost consist of 465 villages and towns. The population in this area is almost near about 2.57 Million In Gilgit-Baltistan and 5.40 Million in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Scom Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Packages

In these areas, national and other countries tourists can visit these places. This is the best place that tourists can visit in Pakistan. The one company that can provide the service of internet and call to the national people and their tourists is only SCOM.

Daily internet package

The SCOM can Offer the delayed internet package at a cheaper price that people can afford. The user can easily subscribe to this service by the specific code.

Here are the Details about the Daily Internet package.

Scom Daily Internet Packages
offer NameDaily Plus
MBs500 MBs
Validity1 Day
PriceRs 20
offer NameSCOM Daily 200 Mb Package
MBs200 MBs Internet
Validity1 Day
PriceRs 20

SCOM Weekly Internet Packages

SCOM also provide a Weekly internet package for their user. this package is available at a very affordable price that every customer can easily afford. The Customer can easily subscribe to this offer by the code.

SCOM Weekly Internet Packages

Detail about weekly internet packages.

package NameDetailCodePrice
Weekly 800800 MBs*111#Rs 75+Tax
Super Weekly1 GB + 2 Gb/Night (1 am to 7 am)*111#Rs 499+Tax

SCOM Monthly Internet Packages

SCOM also provides an amazing monthly internet package to its users. the price of this monthly internet package is very affordable. Customers can easily subscribe to this offer by buying the code.

SCOM Monthly Internet Packages

Here are some details about the Monthly internet package

package NameDetailCodePrice
Monthly 35003500 MBs*111#Rs 300+Tax
Monthly Gold6 GB*111#Rs 499+Tax
Monthly premium10 GB*111#Rs 549+Tax
Monthly Night4500 Mb(1am-7am)*111#Rs 250+Tax
Social Media Whatsapp Monthly4 GB*111#Rs 30+Tax

SCOM other Internet packages

SCOM also provides other internet packages that are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. some detail about the other internet package of the SCOM is given below.

SCOM other Internet packages
package NameDetailCodePrice
Daily plus500 MBs*111#Rs 29+Tax
Super Weekly Offer1 GB + 1 Gb/Night*111#Rs 129+Tax
Weekly Social Pack7 GB (FB, WhatsApp, Twitter,and SCO Smart TV)*111#Rs 80+Tax
Unlimited SMS & WhatsApp Package Monthly20,000 SMS, 300 MB*111#Rs 50+Tax
Monthly Pack3500 MBs*111#Rs 300+Tax
Monthly Gold6 GB (1 am to 7 am)*111#Rs 499+Tax
Monthly Premium10 GB*111#Rs 549+Tax
Monthly Social Pack7 GB (FB, WhatsApp, Twitter,and SCO Smart TV)*111#Rs 300+Tax

SCOM Call and SMS Packages

SCOM Call and SMS Packages
BalanceFree Minutes

SCOM Poora Din Baat Package

SCOM Poora Din Baat Package
SCO to SCO(06:00 AM to 06:00 PM)free
SCO to SCO(06: PM to 06:00 AM)Rs 1.10
Ptcl and otherRs 1.60
Daily RentRs 08/Day
SMS (SCO to SCO/SCO to others) (06:00 AM to 06:00 PM)Free
SMS (SCO to SCO/SCO to others)(06:00 PM to 06:00 AM)Rs 0.30/SMS

SCOM 24 Hours Offer

SCOM 24 Hours Offer
Daily Line RentRs 15
SCOM to SCO FamilyFree
SCOM to OMOsRs 1.60
SMS (All Networks)Rs 0.30

SCOM Student Package

SCOM Student Package
SMS (All Networks)5000
SCOM to OMOs50
Duration1 Month

SCOM Super Card

SCOM Super Card
NameSCOM Super Card Gold (Rs.550)SCOM Mini Card (Rs.300)
SCOM to SCOM2000 Mins750 Mins
SCOM to Other150 mins70 mins
Internet2500 MBS700 MBs
Duration30 Days15 Days

SCOM Corporate Packages (Internet, SMS, and Call)

This is part of SCOM Internet, Call and SMS packages the SCOM company also offers the Bundle of the SIX corporation packages which are given below.

SCOM Corporate Packages (Internet, SMS and Call)

SCOM Corporate Offer 1

ChargesRs 299
OFF-Net Minutes75 Mins
On-Net Minutes100 Mins
Internet Data1 GB
Charges after using resources allocatedBase Traffis
Advance FeeRs 500

SCOM Corporate Offer 2

ChargesRs 499
Charges after using resources allocatedFree
OFF-Net Minutes150 Mins
On-Net Minutes200 Mins
Internet Data2 GB
Charges after usingresources allocatedBase Traffic
Advance FeeRs 1000

SCOM Corporate Offer 3

ChargesRs 999
OFF-Net Minutes350 Mins
On-Net Minutes400 Mins
Internet Data4 GB
Base TrafficBase Traffis
Advance FeeRs 2000

SCOM Corporate Offer 4

ChargesRs 1499
OFF-Net Minutes650 Mins
On-Net Minutes800 Mins
Internet Data6 GB
Base TrafficBase Traffis
Advance FeeRs 3000

SCOM Corporate Offer 5

ChargesRs 1999
OFF-Net Minutes950 Mins
On-Net Minutes1600 Mins
Internet Data8 GB
Charges after using resources allocatedCharges after using resources allocated
Advance FeeRs 4000

SCOM Corporate Offer 6

ChargesRs 2999
OFF-Net Minutes1550 Mins
On-Net MinutesUnlimited
Internet Data12 GB
Charges after usingresources allocatedCharges after using resources allocated
Advance FeeRs 6000

SCOM Codes and Coverage Areas

Balance Query*125# 
Recharge through Card*126*PIN# 
Recharge for Other*126*SCOMNum*PIN# 
Balance Transfer*128*Amount*Mob Num# 
Free Minutes andBundle Query*125# andReply with 1 
Friend andFamily (F&F)Friend and family (F&F)  Activation
Fee Rs.30
(Add 5 Nums
of num: Rs.15/
SCOM Loan*135#Rs 2
Low BalanceNotificationBy DefaultActivatedFree
Call CostNotificationBy DefaultActivatedFree
Missed CallAlerts(English)Dial *127*1*1#or Send “CHMCN 1” to 373Rs 20
Missed CallAlerts(Urdu)Dial *127*1*2#or Send “CHMCN 2” to 373Rs 20
Missed CallAlerts(Deactivation)Dial *127*2#or Send “UNMCN”to 373 
Package Activation/ChangePress *725# or Dial725Rs 10
Conference CallBy DefaultActivatedFree
Call ForwardingBy DefaultActivatedFree
Call WaitingBy DefaultActivatedFree
SMS BlockingFeature(Activate)  Send “SUB SCOM Num” to 420 Rs 1/Day
SMS BlockingFeatureSend “ADD SCOM Num” to 420 
SMS BlockingFeature(Del Number)  Send “DEL SCOM Num” to 420  
SMS BlockingFeature(Query)Send “QU” to420 
SMS BlockingFeature(Deactivate)Send “UNSUB” to420 
SMS Forwarding  Send “SUB SCOM Num” to 373 Rs 5/Week
SMS ForwardingFeature(Query)Send “QU” to373 
SMS ForwardingFeature(Deactivate)Send “UNSUB” to373 
InternetSettings(Pull)Send “Setting” to605 or FollowGPRS setting link 

SCOM Network and Coverage Areas in Gilgit Baltistan GB

  • Gilgit
  • Hunza
  • Nagar
  • Astore
  • Skardu
  • Ghizer
  • Ghanche
  • Chillas
  • Kharmang

SCOM Network and Coverage Areas in AJK

  • Muzaffarabad
  • Neelum Valley
  • Forward Kahuta
  • Jhelum Valley
  • Rawalakot
  • Banjosa
  • Kotli
  • Palandari
  • Bagh
  • Mirpur
  • Bhimber
  • Remaining Areas of AJK


In this article, we discuss the Scom internet, call, and SMS  package on a daily, Weekly, And Monthly basis.  Tourists visiting Azad Kashmir, Jammu, and Gilgit Baltistan can avail of this offer by dialing this code *111# on their phone dialer. They avail themselves of the specific offer by the following instructions are open on the screen.

I hope this article SCOM Latest Internet Packages,3G/4G Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2023 is very helpful for you, I give you detailed information about the Scom Internet Packages.

if this article is helpful you can share this article with your friends and other members so they can get information about the SCOM internet Packages.


SCOM internet packages code

The SCOM internet package code is *111#. Dialing this code you can easily activate the 3G/4G Call, SMS, and internet package of the daily, weekly, and monthly packages on your mobile.

How to Activate SCOM Internet Package

To activate the SCOM internet package dial *111# another method is to install the SCO app from the Play Store and then you can easily subscribe to the internet package of your choice.

How to deactivate the SCOM internet package?

If you want to deactivate the SCOM internet package call 355 to unsubscribe or deactivate my internet package.

How to check the SCOM internet package

If you want to check your remaining internet package MBs you can just dial *125# and then replay the 1. After you replay you receive the SMS, in this SMS you can get the remaining internet MBs and other data. and you can also check your internet MBs on the SCO mobile app.

How do I Subscribe SCOM internet package?

For subscribe to the Scom internet package by dialing the *111# and subscribing to the package as you require.

How do check the WhatsApp package in SCOM?

If you want to check you’s remaining SCOM Whatsapp MBs just dial *125# and then reply with 1.

How do I Unsubscribe from Scom packages?

For unsubscribing from the SCOM package simply call on 355 or 111-726-726.

How to check the SCOM Number?

Just dial the simple code *999# to check your SCOM SIM Number.

How to check SCOM Balance?

Dial *125# to check your balance.

How to transfer SCOM Balance?

Dial *128*Amount*Number# to transfer SCOM Balance.

SCOM Advance Balance Code?

Dial *135# to get the advance balance of Scom

How to change the package in SCOM?

Just dial *725# to change your package on SCOM.

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