Onic SIM Prices and packages in Pakistan


Onic is the newly launched Telecommunication network in Pakistan. This is A Digital telecommunication network and provides a service of fast, Quick Activation and their packages. The onic is Recently introduced in the Pakistan marketplace, The onic SIM network can attract the attention of the Pakistani audience. For its responsible pricing, and the best is online ordering is the best option for the Pakistani audience. 

Onic SIM Price in pakistan

This newly effective and efficient telecommunication network that Pakistan users can enjoy the brand and a new high level of connectivity in Pakistan. remember that the ONIC Telecommunication network is newly entering the Pakitan marketplace, which I already mentioned above. This telecommunication network is in a growing stage. People can see the new and many innovative things, they are meeting their requirements. The package of the ONIC is much more affordable in its pricing. I mentioned below the Price and package of the ONIC SIM Network.

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan And Packages

This is the reason that many other SIM users have already switched to the ONIC Network. The major benefit is that they use Call, SMS, and Internet packages at highly affordable prices. 

In this blog post, I provide all the information about the ONIC Network, with their packages and pricing. and You know How to Order the ONIC Sim online in Pakistan. 

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

The ONIC SIM, Is the best option for the Pakistani people. This ONIC SIM can provide effective and cost-effective connectivity to their users. The ONIC SIM is effective and efficient because of its affordable pricing. The Pricing of ONIC SIM is started from Rs 100 and goes up to RS 150. It guides its strong position in the marketplace for its highly affordable and cost-effective planning. They make the popular choice in Pakistan for their pricing.

How to Buy It Order Onic SIM online in Pakistan

If you want to Buy the Onic SIM Card then you follow these simple steps.

  • First Go to the ONIC Website and then Click ” Order Now”.
  • Choose the SIM Card That You want.
  • Enter the Required details
  • Choose you Delivery Method that you want to Pay
  • Go to the Payment method, and choose credit or debit cards, internet banking, mobile wallets, etc., that you want to pay for the Sim
  • Your SIM Card will be shipped to your Address.
  • You need to visit the authorized ONIC SIM Retailer for the activation of the SIM with a reasonable package plan and valid ID proof

 Onic Sim code 

The All ONIC SIM is started with a serial number of 0339. This code is the identification of their SIM Network. 


The ONIC App is available on the app store only at this time. after that, they are also available on the Play Store. With the ONIC app, you can easily manage your Mobile balance, and activate your mobile package by this app Easily.

Onic Packages in Pakistan

Here is the best part of this article, You can check the call, SMS & Internet Package On the ONIC official Website.

Onic SIM Packages

Prepaid Packages

ONIC SIM‘s prepaid packages are designed to provide flexibility and control over your communication expenses. From daily to weekly, to monthly plans, users can enjoy a mix of voice minutes, SMS, and data, all bundled into affordable packages. Whether you’re a light user or a heavy data consumer, there’s a prepaid plan tailored just for you.

Onic Big Data30 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 5,000 SMSPKR 890/-.30 Days
Epic Data100 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 10,000 SMSPKR 1290/-.30 Days
Limitless200 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 10,000 SMSPKR 1990/-.30 Days

Postpaid Packages

For those who prefer a hassle-free experience without the need for frequent recharges, ONIC SIM’s postpaid packages are an excellent choice.  With a convenient monthly billing cycle, postpaid users can enjoy uninterrupted service while keeping their budget in check.


The conclusion of this article is that ONIC SIM is a Newly growing Network in Pakistan. They are still in the growing stage for several months. The ONIC service has been launched in some areas of Pakistan. With its range of price plans, data packages, and additional services, ONIC SIM caters to the diverse needs of modern-day communication. 

I hope this article is helpful for you I give my best in this article, if I missed any information in this article please give your feedback in the comment section. Please share this article with your friends and other family members, Who know about ONIC Telecommunication. 

Thanks for reading.

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