Jazz Tiktok Package 2023 code: Daily ,Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Tiktok package

Jazz Are the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan and Jazz has introduced a new tiktok package for their customer. Nowadays Tiktok reaches up to 1 Billion users and downloads all over Pakistan. Tiktok is the most trending and popular social media app in Pakistan. 

The high usage of tiktok jazz has introduced the Tiktok package for their jazz users. These Jazz tiktok packages are offered in basically 3 different types Daily, weekly & Monthly. These Jazz tiktok packages are introduced in a very affordable price range for their users. Jazz always gives value for money to its users. 

Jazz Tiktok Package 2023 code: Daily ,Weekly & Monthly

In this article, I provide you the complete detailed information regarding the Jazz tiktok Package code for daily, weekly & monthly. And also help you to select your best package and subscribe to it. If you are a tiktoker then you must read this article carefully, this article is very helpful to you. so let’s get started! 

Jazz Tiktok Package code

Here it is divided into 3 different categories Bundles of tiktok.

  • Daily Tiktok Package 
  • Weekly Tiktok Package
  • Monthly Tiktok Package

You can follow the categories that you want to activate your package. Below I mention all the classes and their activation code and price.


Jazz Also provide the daily tiktok package to their users at affordable and cheap price. Jazz gives value to their users to activate their tiktok package and you can easily use this daily package on your Mobile phone.

Jazz Tiktok Package Code Daily

Data30 Mbps
PricePKR 5
Validity1 Day
Status Code*114*5*2#

Jazz TikTok Package 3 Days

This is the best package for those users who want to use tiktok at the help of the week this is the best choice for those users. In this 3-day tiktok package, you can get 1 GB of internet data that is enough to use for the 3 days. This package is very affordable and cheap in pricing every user is easily afford this package.

Package NameJazz TikTok Package 3 Days
Data1 GB
Validity3 Days
Status Code*631*2#

Jazz TikTok Packages Weekly

The Jazz tiktok package weekly is the best option for those users who want the weekly tiktok package. In this package, you can get 10 GB of internet data at a minimal price of just Rs 132. In 12 GB on interent data the 1 GB is for WhatsApp and 9 GB is for tiktok.

NameJazz Weekly TikTok Offer
Data12 GB
Validity7 Days
ChargesRs 132
Status Code*117*14*2#

Jazz Tiktok package code weekly

In this package, you get 500 MBs for the last 7 days. the pricing of this package is Rs 75 only.

NameJazz TikTok offers Weekly
Data500+200 MBs
Validity7 Days
ChargesRs 75
Status Code*117*7*2#

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package

This is the best and recommended package for that user who uses the tiktok daily, this is the best option for those users. In this tiktok package, you can get 7500 Mbs or 7.5 GB of internet data for 1 month. The pricing of this package is affordable its only Rs 500.

NameJazz Monthly Tiktok Package
Data7500 Mbs
Validity30 Days
ChargesRs 500
Status Code*117*31*2#

Jazz 30 Days TikTok Package

This is the best and the largest duration offer is the jazz monthly tiktok package. In this package, you can get 3 GB of data for one month Or 30 days. The cost of this package is only Rs 500. For subscribing to the package I give the information below.

NameJazz Monthly Tiktok Package
Data3 GB
Validity30 Days
ChargesRs 500
Status Code*117*31*2#

Term & condition

  • Terms & Conditions apply to this package.
  • Service charges are applied to these packages.
  • The bundle pricing and the code are changed at any time by the company.
  • the package can not be renewed after it expires.
  • for the more further detail please contact on jazz helpline.


All the offer is specially designed by the tiktok users by the Jazz. so they are a very affordable package for the jazz user who uses tiktok on their mobiles. 

I add several packages, you can subscribe to this package according to your usage and package duration. I add all the details about how to subscribe and check the remaining tiktok package by the simple codes.

In this article I add all the latest information regarding the topic Jazz tiktok package, I add only whos information that is helpful to you. if I missed anything in this article please give me feedback in the comment section.

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What is jazz monthly package for TikTok?

In jazz monthly tiktok package you can get 15 GB internet data by Dialing this simple code 11730#.

What Is The Price Of Jazz Daily TikTok Offer?

The price of daily tiktok package is only Rs 5.

What Is The Subscription Code For Jazz Weekly TikTok Package?

The activation code of the jazz weekly tiktok package cod eis 11714#.

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