Jazz Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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Jazz internet packages

The Jazz is the best 4G Internet service provider in Pakistan that is declared by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to cover all the Daily, Weekly, and monthly Internet packages.

The Jazz Company provides the best Jazz Internet Packages to their Customers, at a very affordable and cheap price which is easy to subscribe OR Unsubscribe.

If you want to know the details of daily, weekly, and Monthly offers you can check below.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz is a leading telecommunication company in Pakistan. It was formed after the merger of Mobilink and Warid in 2016. Jazz provides a range of services including mobile services, broadband, and enterprise solutions. 

The company has a strong presence in over 50 cities across Pakistan and has over 60 million subscribers.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz net packages are both available for prepaid and postpaid users. And Jazz Internet bundles are also available. Jazz Offers its internet packages at affordable rates so Anyone can afford their packages and enjoy their packages.

So in this article, we discuss jazz Internet Packages and the different packages of Jazz Like Daily, weekly, and Monthly packages. 

You know all the details about the jazz internet packages with their detail and the code.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan that offers various internet packages to its customers. In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

Jazz also provides its data package on an hourly or daily basis. By Subscribing to the daily data bundles the customers enjoy their social bundles and SMS service. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to Jazz’s hourly internet packages.

Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Hourly Internet Packages

Jazz offers three different hourly internet packages that can be subscribed to by dialing *846#. The following are the details of these packages:

1. Hourly Extreme

The Hourly Extreme package offers 2GB of internet data for one hour at a cost of Rs.20. To subscribe to this package, dial *462# from your Jazz SIM.

Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme2 GB Internet DataDial *846#
Validity 2 Hours
Rs 20
  • The validity period is the next 2 hours (Valid Between 1 AM – 6 PM)
  • Dial *846*2# to Check the Remaining data

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz provides different types of daily packages to its users. The daily packages must include a Daily browser, Daily Social MBS, and many more. You can choose your daily bundle easily. 

These Jazz Daily packages come with great offers to their users. Here I provide the list of daily Jazz internet packages that I have Given below so that you can easily choose your Jazz Daily internet packages.

Package NameChargesCodeDetail
Daily SuperRs 17*212#150 Mb + 1440 Jazz Minutes + 50 SMS
Daily Day SuperRs 14*340#20 Mb + 300 Jazz Minutes + 300 SMS
Daily Youtube & SocialRs 15*968#1 GB (YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook)
Daily SuperRs 17*212#150 Mb + 1440 Jazz Minutes + 50 SMS
Daily MegaRs 27*117*4#1 GB
Daily ExtermeRs 15*757#2 GB (12 AM-12PM)
Daily Whatsapp OfferRs 2*311#200 MB
Daily Whatsapp & SMSRs 8*334#2 GB (12 AM-12 PM)
  • The validity period is 1 day for these Jazz Daily Internet Packages
    Dial *Code*2# to Check the Remaining data

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz can offer weekly packages for their user. The Jazz user can use data every day, the way Jazz can provide weekly packages for their users. 

There are many types of jazz weekly internet packages. And their Price is very affordable. Every jazz User can afford their packages and enjoy their weekly internet packages.

Here is the Detail list of the Jazz weekly internet packages that you can see below.

Package NameChargesCodeDetail
Weekly BrowserRs 55*117*3#300 MB
Weekly StreamerRs 80*117*7#700 MB
Weekly PremiumRs 110*117*47#1500 MB
Weekly Mega BundleRs 160*159#3000 MB
Youtube & SocialRs 88*660#5 GB DATA for IMO,WhatsApp,
YouTube & Facebook
Weekly Mega plusRs 240*453#20000 MB (10000 for 2 am-2 pm)

You can see the Huge amount of Mbs Data in the Jazz Weekly internet packages.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz also offers monthly Internet Packages. Jazz monthly Internet Package comes with an amazing Feature and an amazing offer to their users. 

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages come at an affordable price. Every Jazz user can Afford the Jazz Monthly internet packages. The Jazz Monthly Internet packages come with huge Internet data.

Jazz Internet Packages

You Subscribe to the Jazz one-month internet offer and you can enjoy the Jazz 4g fastest internet. 

Here I give you the detail about the jazz monthly internet packages that I have given below.

Package NameChargesCodeDetail
Jazz Monthly BrowserRs 160*117*77#2000 MB
Jazz Monthly StreamerRs 250*117*31#3000 MB
Monthly Premium BundleRs 500*117*30#7000 MB
Monthly SupremeRs 800*117*32#8000 MB
Monthly ExtremeRs 125*117*34#5000 MB

Jazz 3-Day Social Internet Package

Jazz also launch 3-day internet packages for their jazz user they use their packages for the 3 days. After 3 days their packages automatically expire. 

The Jazz 3-day internet packages come with amazing features and offers. Every jazz user can easily afford their packages and Enjoy the Jazz Internet data.

Here I give the detail about 3 Day internet package their I have given below.

This package is valid for 3 Days ( From 2 AM- 2 PM).

Package NameChargesCodeDetail
Jazz 3-Day Browser OfferRs 18*114*14#500 MB
Jazz 3 Day Browser OfferRs 25*117*1#100 MB

Jazz Postpaid Jazz Net Packages

Jazz Internet Packages are not Only for prepaid use But the postpaid user also user the Jazz Internet packages. Jazz postpaid user also gets Internet data with their packages.

So the postpaid user has some Different internet packages. All Internet packages are available at an affordable price. every Jazz user can easily afford their packages and enjoy the Jazz 4G internet data.

Here I Give some Jazz postpaid Packages, that I mention in given below.

Package NameChargesCodeDetail
Monthly StreamerRs 250Dial *446#2 Gb
Monthly PremiumRs 500Dial *446#5 GB
Monthly SupremeRs 800Dial *446#14 GB
Monthly MegaRs 1200Dial *446#24 GB
Monthly UltimateRs 2200Dial *446#55 GB

Jazz Data SIM Bundles

Jazz offers various data SIM bundles to its customers, including daily, weekly, and monthly options. These bundles provide varying amounts of data and have different validity periods. The following are the details of Jazz’s data SIM bundles:

Package NameDataCodePrice
Monthly Internet Regular36 GBDial *117*73#Rs 1500
Monthly Internet Heavy75 GBDial *117*74#Rs 2500

Term & Condition

  • Terms and conditions Apply.
  • company charges are applied.
  • you can check your remaining packages’ details at any time. The cost is Rs 0.06.
  • Along with these packages you also use other boxes.


In conclusion, Jazz Internet packages a variety of affordable options for customers to stay connected and access the internet on their devices. Customers can choose the package that best suits their data needs and usage with daily, weekly, and monthly packages available.

Subscribing to these packages is easy and can be done by dialing the relevant code from the Jazz SIM. Overall, Jazz’s internet offers a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to access the internet in Pakistan.

If I missed anything from this article please give your feedback in the comment section. I this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends and other members. They can enjoy the Jazz’s amazing internet packages. 

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