Jazz card load code || 6 Simple Ways to Recharge your Jazz SIM

Sheheryar Ahmed

The Jazz card load code is a convenient way to balance your prepaid Jazz mobile phone account in Pakistan. Jazz is one of the largest cellular networks in the country, providing its customers with a range of affordable and customizable prepaid and postpaid plans. 

With Jazz card load codes, customers can easily and quickly top up their account balance by purchasing a scratch card from a retailer or Jazz franchise and entering the 14-digit code into their mobile phone. 

Jazz Card Load Code

Alternatively, customers can use the Jazz World app to load balances on their Jazz prepaid number. Jazz card load codes offer a hassle-free and secure way to maintain your Jazz mobile phone account balance and enjoy uninterrupted cellular services.

In this article, you learn about How to load a jazz card into your mobile phone with the step-by-step guide.

Jazz Card Load Code – A Step-by-Step Guide

Local and international customers can recharge by Roaming with the jazz. Jazz Allows their jazz users to recharge their jazz balance with the jazz card. The jazz card is the numerical card that you need to scratch and enter this number in your mobile phone and recharge your balance. Here below I have given you the step-by-step guide about Jazz card load code.

Method of Recharge Jazz card load code

There only 6 easy methods are available for the Jazz card customer to Recharge their Mobile balance, These methods are simple and easy and very beneficial for the Jazz Customer.

  • By Jazz Card Load
  • By Jazz World App
  • By Jazz Retailer
  • By Easy Paisa
  • Recharge through Online Websites
  • By International Jazz Load

Method 1: By jazz Card Load Code

In this way, the user can get balance by the Use jazz card and Scratching That they get balance. Here I provide a step-by-step guide That really help you.

Jazz Card Load CodePrice
*123*jazz scratch card code#Free of Cost

How to use a Jazz Card?

Simply scratch the card to reveal the 14-digit code. Be careful while scratching to avoid damaging the code. Once you have revealed the 14-digit code, dial 123 followed by the code and # from your Jazz prepaid mobile number. For example, if your Jazz card code is 12345678901234, you should dial *123*12345678901234#.

By Jazz Card load Code
by jazz card load code

After dialing the code, press the call button. Your Jazz account balance will be updated with the amount of the Jazz card.

Follow This following guide to adding credit to your phone number By the Scratching Balance Card. 

  • Go to your Phone dialer
  • Dial this Jazz Card Load Code *123*YOUR NUMBER#.
  • Click on the Send Button.

Method 2: By Jazz World App

Load Jazz Card with My Jazz World App

In addition to using a Jazz card, you can also add a balance to your Jazz prepaid mobile account in Pakistan through the Jazz World app. Here’s how:

  • First Install the Jazz World App on your Smartphone.
  • If you Don’t have an account First Sign Up and then login into your account.
  • After that, you can go to the Recharge Section “TAP TO RECHARGE“.
  • Then go to the option “Pay with Scratch Card“.
Step 2
Step 2
  • Enter your mobile number in the first box.
  • Enter the 14-digit card number in the Second Box.
  • Finally, Press the Recharge Button To Recharge.
Step 3
Step 3

Method 3: By Jazz Retailer

Almost all user can recharge their SIM Balance if they go to Any Telecommunication Retail Shop. Here I give the detail that you need to follow.

  • You can visit any jazz retail shop near you.
  • Any jazz Number can be Topped up in Pakistan By any retailer.
  • Get informed to the retailer about the amount That you need to send in your Jazz prepaid number.
  • pay your payment to the retailer.
  • It’s done.

Method 4: Recharge Jazz SIM By Easy Paisa

If you have an Easy Paisa account on your mobile then you can simply recharge your Jazz SIM with the Easy Paisa Account. 

Load jazz Card With Easy Paisa
load jazz card with easy paisa

If you want to recharge your Jazz SIM with the easy paisa then follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Easy Paisa account 
  • Select the option to load on a SIM card.
  • Select the Prepaid SIM option.
  • Select your SIM Network, SO you can select your Jazz SIM option.
  • Enter the mobile number That you want to Recharge.
  • Then Enter which amount you want to load on your SIM card.
  • After that Enter your 4 Digit PIN number to the Transaction.
  • After that Finally, your Recharge has been Successfully done.

You can also use your Jazz Cash application to recharge your SIM card. Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa Both applications are available on the Play Store and the App Store, every Android and IOS user can easily Use these applications on their Smartphones.

Method 5: Recharge through Online Websites

In today’s digital age, almost everything is available online, and mobile recharge is no exception. You can now easily recharge your Jazz card by using various online websites that offer mobile recharge services.

Recharging through online websites is an excellent option for people who don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes to purchase a Jazz card or go to a Jazz retailer.

  • The following are the few websites where you can top up your balance: Jazz Recharge, ding, eTopUpOnline, Tranglo, TransferTo, etc.
  • You can register on any website That I mentioned above.
  • Select Operator As Jazz prepaid And Select the Country is Pakistan.
  • Enter you amount that you need to TOP UP And Give your Number
  • Enter your Debit card Information for the payment transaction.

Method 6: By International Jazz Load

International Jazz Load is a service that allows Jazz customers living outside Pakistan to recharge their Jazz numbers remotely.

This service is convenient for people who are living abroad and want to recharge their Jazz number without going through the hassle of purchasing a Jazz card physically or going to a retailer.

With top-up international vendors, Jazz Prepaid Number can be recharged in any of the following Countries That are Following Below.

  • Pakistan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Spain
  • Other countries will be added soon

It is a simple, efficient, and widely available service that helps you to stay in touch with family and friends in Pakistan. Simply find a trustworthy Jazz Load retailer in your country, provide them with the necessary information, and you’ll be able to recharge your Jazz number in no time.

Jazz Load Check Code

After loading the card, customers can easily recharge their Jazz accounts by dialing a simple code. However, sometimes customers may want to check their remaining Jazz Load balance, and for that, Jazz provides a special code that can be dialed from their mobile phone.

Here is the Jazz load check code, That you can check for your Remaining Jazz Balance

Jazz Load Check Code : *111# (fee Rs 0.24).


I hope your all Problem about the jazz card load code and how to load the jazz card has been solved. I mention all the 6 Different methods that you can easily load your Jazz card. 

If this information is useful to you, please share this information with your friends and other family members. If I missed any information in this article then give your feedback in the comment section.

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What is Jazz Load?

Jazz Load is a service that allows Jazz users to recharge their mobile accounts using a Jazz Load card or through the Jazz World app.

Where can I buy Jazz Load cards?

Jazz Load cards are available at Jazz Load retailers in Pakistan and authorized Jazz retailers in other countries.

How can I recharge my Jazz number using Jazz Load?

To recharge your Jazz number using Jazz Load, simply scratch the card to reveal the 14-digit code and dial *123*jazz scratch card code# from your Jazz mobile phone.

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