Jazz Balance Share Code | How to Share jazz Balance

Sheheryar Ahmed
Jazz Balance Share Code

Jazz is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, with millions of subscribers using its services. Sharing Jazz balance has become a common practice among Jazz users, as it allows them to transfer credit from one Jazz account to another. In this problem, Jazz can Launch a code of Jazz Balance Share Code so that Jazz user can easily share their balance.

Share balance with My Jazz App

If you are new to Jazz users or have never shared your balance before with others, this guide is for you. In this article, we will discuss how to share Jazz Balance and Jazz Balance Share code in a step-by-step Guide. We will also cover some frequently asked questions and tips to ensure a smooth transfer.

Today in this article We are learning The 2 methods of sharing jazz balance.

  1. Share Balance By Code
  2. Share Balance By My Jazz APP

Jazz Balance Share Code

Sharing Jazz balance can be beneficial in various situations, such as:

  • Emergency situations where someone needs balance urgently.
  • Transferring a balance to friends and family.
  • Helping someone out who has run out of balance.

How to Share Jazz Balance

If you want to share your Jazz sim balance I have an easy and simple method that you can easily share jazz balance With the other person. 

if you want to share the balance to the jazz code then you can Follow the guide that I have given below.

Follow the given instructions step by step

  • Open your mobile phone dialer 
  • Dial this code *100*03XXXXXXX*amount# 
  • Replay With the 1 to confirm your balance transfer.
  • Now You’re Done, Your Balance has been successfully transferred.

Jazz Balance Share Amount

Jazz allows its prepaid users to share their Balance. The range of the balance is starting from Rs 15 to Rs 500. From this service, you always connect with your loved ones even if you do not have a balance in your SIM.

Note: The Minimum Limit of Share Balance starts from Rs 15 the maximum Limit of the share balance is Rs 500.

Jazz Balance Share Charges

For every successful Balance Transfer Jazz can charge for Every share the some charge is Rs 4.77+tax/transaction. The All Terms and conditions with their taxes and codes can be charged by the company.

Term & Condition

  • Terms and conditions can apply
  • Service charges must be applied Rs 4.77 + Tax on each transition
  • The maximum amount you may be transferred is Rs 15/=
  • The Maximum amount you may be transferred is Rs 500/=
  • only jazz prepaid users can use this offer
  • You can share up to 5 transactions per day.

How to share Balance Via My Jazz App

If you prefer to share Jazz balance using the Jazz app, the process is even simpler. My jazz app is both available in the Play Store and the App Store. Both Android and iPhone users can use this App.

Share balance with My Jazz App

This is the step-by-step process I you want to share your Jazz balance with my Jazz app then you Follow the Instructions that I have given below.

Step 1: Open the Jazz App

Open the Jazz app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Login to your account with the use of your phone number and password.

Step 3: Tap on the Balance Share Option

In the app’s home screen, tap on the “Balance Share” option. It will take you to the balance sharing screen on the app.

Step 4: Enter the Recipient’s Phone Number and Amount

On the balance sharing screen, enter the recipient’s phone number and the amount you want to transfer.

Step 5: Confirm the Transaction

After entering the recipient’s phone number and the amount, you will show a confirmation for the balance sharing the screen in front of you, if you want to confirm the transaction. 

To confirmation of the transfer Balance, then tap on the “Confirm” button. Now your transaction is successfully complete.

Step 6: Transaction Complete

Now Finally your Transition Is complete, Your balance is transferred to the other Jazz user that you want to share, and you receive an SMS from the Jazz of a successful transaction.

Sharing Jazz balance using the Jazz app is not only easier but also more convenient. You can initiate the transfer from anywhere and anytime, without having to remember the balance transfer code or the recipient’s phone number.

How to send Jazz Balance Share Request

In this method you just send a request to your friends and family to share their balance on your Jazz SIM, If you want to send a Jazz Balance request then follow this simple Step-by-Step guide that i provide given below.

  • Open your Phone dailer & Dail this code *107# on your Dial paid.
  • Enter your friend MSISDN that you want to request for the balance.
  • The Balance and service Charges are deducted from the sender’s Balance.

This service is free of cost from the requester, so this offer is also called the Jazz Yari Load.


In this article we discuss Jazz Balance Share Code, I include all the information in this article that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article please give me your feedback in this article. I hope this article is very helpful to you, you can learn many methods and a new way to How Share Jazz balance

Because of that, I provide the latest method that must be used for the sharing of your balance. if this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends and other members who share the Jazz balance. Thanks for reading…


Is there any limit on the amount of balance that can be shared?

Yes, you can share a minimum of Rs. 15 and a maximum of Rs. 500 at a time. You can share up to 5 transactions per day.

Can I share the balance with a non-Jazz user?

No, you can only share the balance with other Jazz users.

Is there any fee for sharing the balance?

Yes, a service fee of Rs. 2.39 per transaction applies to all balance transfers.

Can I reverse a balance transfer?

No, once the balance is transferred, it cannot be reversed. Make sure to confirm the recipient’s phone number and the amount before initiating the transfer.

What happens if I enter the wrong phone number?

The transaction will fail, and the balance will not be transferred. Make sure to double-check the recipient’s phone number before initiating the transfer.

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