Jazz Balance Save Code || How to Save Jazz Balance in 2023?

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jazz balance save code

Hi, friends How are you if you are looking and searching this problem how to save Jazz Balance? you are at the right place. Today in this article I will help you how to save your Jazz balance when you are using the internet, this is not a one-person problem this is the problem of all Jazz users who use the internet but their balance is cut into their account.

Jazz Balance Save Code
Jazz Balance Save Code

so today in this article I share with you the complete step-by-step method that Jazz balances save when you are using the internet. so they face this problem for Jazz users Jazz finally solves this problem Jazz adds the method of saving the balance for their users. when you activate this service you can easily use the internet without any cut to your balance. 

How to save Balance on Jazz SIM

On the Jazz SIM, the Saving of your Balance is now easier than Before. The Jazz Company provides Two codes to activate your Balance saving on your Jazz SIM which ensures that your remaining Balance is saved when you are using the internet.

How to save jazz balance
How to save Jazz Balance

I Give you the following methods Given below, that you can follow. But the most important thing that you can keep in mind is that Only 1 method is free and 1 method is paid, you need to pay some charges for using this method.

Jazz balance save Methods

There are 2 ways that you can save your Jazz balance.

  1. Jazz Balance Save Code
  2. Jazz Doosra Balance Account

Jazz Balance Save Code

The Jazz Balance save code is provided to the customers to protect their balance against unauthorized or unintended deductions. By dialing the simple code you will activate this balance-saver service on your Jazz SIM.

The activation of this service allows you to use the internet without any tension of the deduction of any charges. Once you can activate this service by dialing this simple code your Balance is saved until you don’t deactivate this offer.

This is the code *275# this code helps you to save your balance when your mobile data is on and you have no internet data. This jazz balance save code is very helpful for jazz users.

This is the step-by-step process that helps you to save your Jazz balance save.

  • Open your mobile phone dialer
  • and dial this code *275#
  • Now you receive the confirmation from Jazz you are subscribed to the Jazz balance save service.
  • This is completely Free.
Service NameJazz Balance Saver
Un Sub Code*275*4#

How to unsubscribe from the Jazz Balance Save service

if you want to unsubscribe from the jazz balance save service then you can dial this code*275*4# on your phone dialer then you can unsubscribe this jazz balance save service.

Jazz Doosra Balance Account Service

This is the second that you make your save balance this is the Doosra Balance account. in this method, we make another separate account, in your mobile number. in this account, you can transfer your balance, and at the time that you need, you can this account balance to your main account.

By this method, you can save your balance. This service is not free jazz can charge the amount of Rs 1.2 tax when you can transfer your balance to the main account.

This is the step-by-step guide that save you jazz balance the method is given below

Follow these detail

  • go to your phone dialer
  • dial this code *869# 
  • after the dailing, you receive the SMS you have subscribed to this service.
  • now you dial this code again and now you can see the Three option.
  • You can withdraw the amount from this account by dialing this code *869*2*amount#.
  • Choose the option of the desired number and send
  • when you transfer the balance they will charge Rs 1.2

How to unsubscribe from Jazz Doosra balance account service

If you want to unsubscribe from this Jazz Doosra balance service then you can dial this code *869*3# and unsubscribe from this service. 

Jazz Balance Save by Mobile Settings – Balance Save Mobile Service

This is basically a simple trick that you use to lock your balance while your different apps are using the internet. You can also try the above two codes that I have given, But you can also use your mobile phone setting to save your Balance.

Below I give you the step-by-step guide that you can use in your mobile setting to save your balance. You can use this method on any network, this method is applied on all the networks to save your balance.

Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow.

  • Open your Mobile Setting of your phone.
  • scroll or search Connection OR Network setting.
  • Here you see the Data Usage tab, Click here to know your internet usage.
  • After clicking, you see a complete detailed list of all the mobile apps that use your internet data.
  • you can Turn off the apps that you do not want to use on the internet. so you need to check your package first and then turn off all those apps that are using data without any package.
  • Here you also see the data usage warning limit so that you will notified when your usage exceeds the limit.
  • Then turn off to ” Allow background data usage” option of apps that you don’t want to use your data.

Term & Condition

  • Taxes are applied.
  • Only prepaid jazz users can avail of this offer.
  • Jazz can charge Rs 1+ tax on each balance share.
  • For more information visit Jazz official website.


In this article we discuss Jazz Balance Save Code, I include all the information in this article that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article please give me your feedback in this article. I hope this article is very helpful to you, you can learn many methods and a new way to save Jazz balance

Because of that, I provide the latest method that must be used for the Jazz Balance Save Code. if this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends and other members who want to learn How to save Jazz balance. Thanks for reading…


what is Jazz balance save Code?

The Jazz balance save code is *275#.

How can I save my Jazz balance?

For jazz, balance save dial this code *275# on your mobile.

What is the code for balance in Jazz?

To check, the balance of your jazz sim dial this code *111#, which charges Rs 0.24 + taxes.

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