How to UnSubscribe Jazz Tune || Jazz Tune UnSubscribe Code

Sheheryar Ahmed
How to UnSubscribe Jazz Tune

Jazz is the largest Pakistan telecommunication company. They are millions of Jazz users in Pakistan They both have postpaid and prepaid customers.

Jazz provides the Jazz Caller Tune service to its users. Instead of listening to the Ringtone, You can make your caller listen to your Chosen Ringtune. When your Friends and family members call every time To you they can hear your Ringtune. 

In this article, I provide you with a step-by-step guide about the Jazz Caller Tune, You know How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe from Jazz Caller Tune, as well as the Jazz Caller Tune code and their Service Charges.

How to Unsubscribe Jazzn Tune

This service is not free, It is paid service from the Jazz. The charge for this Jazz Caller Tune is Rs. 2.01/per day From your SIM. If you want to save your Balance then you Unsubscribe This service.

Jazz Tune is a popular mobile value-added service that offers a wide range of ringtones, caller tunes, and other entertainment options to jazz up your mobile experience.

While many users find this service enjoyable, some may want to unsubscribe due to personal preferences, cost concerns, or a change in taste.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Tune

If you already subscribe to this Jazz Caller Tune, and you want to Unsubscribe from this service. And You Need to know the method of how to Unsubscribe Jazz Tune. So They are only 2 Ways to Unsubscribe from this Jazz Tune. This method is simple and easy you can easily implement.

  • By The Code
  • By The SMS

How To Unsubscribe Jazz Tune By Code

This method is straightforward and simple. To unsubscribe from the jazz tune you dial this code *230*8#. After Dailing this code, as soon as you receive the SMS from the Jazz, You have successfully Unsubscribed from the Jazz Tune.

Jazz Tune Unsubscribe Code

Follow these Given Steps To Unsubscribe jazz caller Tune by Code, That I have given below.

  • Open your phone dialer, Dial This code *230*8#.
  • After That, A pop-up window Show on the screen.
  • For Deactivating Your Jazz Tune service Replay with 1, and press on send.
  • After That, You will receive an SMS From Jazz to successfully Unsubscribe from Jazz Tune Service.

How To Unsubscribe to Jazz Tune By SMS

This method is simple and Easy. You can easily unsubscribe from the Jazz Tune service via the SMS.

Here I give you the step-by-step Guide that you follow.

  • Open your mobile message app, click on new message and write “UNSUB” and send this message to 230. 
  • After That, you Receive an SMS from Jazz.
  • You receive The SMS from Jazz to their caller Tune service. You have successfully Unsubscribed from this Jazz Tune Service by sending this SMS.

Jazz Tune Code List

Here is the Code list Jazz Caller Tune, for the Subscribing & Unsubscribe, price, And other Detail about it.

Jazz Tune Code List
Jazz Caller TuneCodes
Subscribe CodeDial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
Unsubscribe codeDial 230 Or send “Unsub” to 230
To Block Jazz TuneDial *2302*1#
To Unblock Jazz TuneDial *2302*2#

How to Subscribe Jazz Tune

If you Subscribe to the Jazz Tune Service, Then I will tell you the 2 best methods that you can easily activate this service in Few Seconds.

How to Subscribe Jazz Tune

For the Activation of the jazz tune, I Give you the following method Below.

  • By the SMS
  • By the Code

Activation of Jazz Tune By The SMS

For activation Of jazz tunes by SMS, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your Mobile phone Message App
  • And Write a “SUBSCRIBE” message and send it to It 230.
  • After that, you receive the SMS OF confirmation of Jazz Caller Tune Activation.

Activation of Jazz Tune By the Code

For activation of Jazz Tune by the Code, You need to follow the Step Below.

  • Open you Mobile dialer app.
  • Dail this code *230*8#.
  • After that, you receive the SMS of Activation of Jazz Tune Service.

Jazz Caller Tune Service Charges

For activation of this Jazz Caller Tune Service, you need to pay The service Charges. For the Prepaid and the postpaid user, these charges are different.

Jazz Caller TuneCharges
Subscription ChargesRs 2.01 per Day
IVR ChargesRs 2.84 per minute by dialing 230
SMS ChargesRs 7.99+ Tax

Term & Condition

  • Company Service Charges are apply
  • These services are available for postpaid and prepaid users.
  • You will change this subscription individually.
  • The Tax of Withholding is 12.5% on recharge.
  • For more information contact at jazz helpline center.


In this Article I give you my best, The Article Contains information regarding How to Unsubscribe and Subscribe to the Jazz Caller Tune.  I hope Your Problem has been solved regarding How to Unsubscribe Jazz Tune.

I add all the latest information and explained the fees for this service, Code, and other Details. if I missed any detail in this article please give your feedback in the comment section. 

If this article is helpful to you then please share this article with your friends and other family members. Thanks For Reading…


What is the code for the jazz caller tune?

The activation and deactivation code of the jazz caller tune is *230#.

How to change the jazz tune?

If you want to change the jazz caller tune then you can dial this code *230# and Change the caller tune with your own Chooise. if you want to your favorite tune then call on the 230 to your favorite tune.

Jazz Caller Tune is only for prepaid users?

Jazz caller tune service is both available for prepaid and postpaid jazz users.

The Subscription to the jazz tune is free?

No! the Subscription of the jazz tune is not free, this is a paid service from the jazz. they deduct Rs 2 per day from your SIM Balance.

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