How to Share Zong Balance || Zong Balance Share Code

Sheheryar Ahmed
Zong Balance Share Code

If you want How to share zong balance with your friends and other people. so this article definitely helps you with Zong Balance Share Code. Zong is a popular network in Pakistan they give mobile calls and internet services to their users. 

Sometimes you do have not to balance in your account for any call, or you have a balance on another sim that you can not use. you can easily transfer this balance to another SIM.

This is very helpful for that user who does have not enough balance on their SIM Card this is the biggest opportunity that is provided by the zong to their users. In This article, we discuss the 2 best methods that you can share your Zong balance easily in a few simple clicks and in a few seconds.

Zong Balance Share Code

How to Share Zong Balance

For those facing this problem to zong users, can not share balances with each other, so Zong launched they amazing service for their users This is the Zong Yarri loan code, in this service you can easily transfer your balance from 1 SIM to another SIM.

With this service, Zong can allow their user to share their mobile balance from one to another number. In this article, we discuss the Zong balance share code or Zong your load. This is a step-by-step process don’t miss this process.

what is Zong Yarri Load?

Yarri Load is the new amazing service from Zong to their users. Zong can solve the problem of their and this offer is very helpful for Zong users. With this service, you can easily transfer your mobile SIM balance to another mobile SIM. 

in this service, zong gets the 2 options to their users.

  • Transfer Balance- send from your SIM to another SIM.
  • Request Balance- Ask to send SIM balance to another person

In this article, we are discussing the above step and how you can easily transfer your SIM balance to another user, and send requests for the shared SIM balance to the other Zong SIM users. 

In this article, we discuss 2 methods of Zong Balance share 

  1. By the Zong Balance Share Code
  1. By the My Zong app

Zong Balance Share Code

To share your Zong balance by the Zong balance share code is easy and you can do it only in a few and simple steps. But the one thing that you can keep in mind is that this method is not free you need to pay charges for that. This balance share code can work on all the prepaid SIMs all over Pakistan.

  • Dial *828# to send a request for the Balance transfer.
  • Dial *829# to send a Request for the balance transfer.

How to Share Balance from Zong to Zong

If you are looking for how to share Zong Balance with others this is very helpful for other users who are in an emergency and they have not enough balance in their SIM.

You can share your balance with other users and help them.

the sharing of balance is a step-by-step process must follow this process

  • Go to the phone dialer and dial this code *828#.
Step 1
Step 1
  • Write the phone number of the user to whom you send your balance 
Step 2
Step 2
  • With which amount you want to send
step 3
Step 3
  • Replay with the 1 and your balance is successfully transferred.
Step 4
Step 4

Request someone to send the balance

Zong can allow their customer they easily receive the balance in the form of emergencies to their friends and other Zong user.

If you need to get the balance from another user, you can follow this step-by-step process that I have given below

  • Go to your phone dialer and dial *829#.
How to Share Zong Balance || Zong Balance Share Code
step 1
  • Enter the number that you want to receive the balance.
step 2
Step 2
  • Write the amount that you want to balance.
step 3
Step 3
  • Finally, your request is sent to the other user who sends the balance.
step 4
Step 4

Zong Yari Load Charges

  • For sending a balance to another user can charge Rs 5+ tax on each balance sharing.
  • There are no charges that are cut to another user who got the balance.
  • The charge is cut only when you transfer your balance.

Share Balance by My Zong App

There is a second option that you can also use for Sharing your Zong Balance, You don’t need Any USSD code to share your balance, you can share your balance in a simple and easy way with a few simple clicks. if you want to share your Zong balance by the My Zong APP then follow this step-by-step guide that I have given below.

Share Zong Balance By My Zong App

This is a step by step process follows process.

  • Go to the play store or app store
  • Search My Zong App
  • Install the My Zong App on your mobile
  • login into your account
  • Here you can see an option for Yarri to load 
  • Go to Yarri load 
  • Enter the number and amount and click on send
  • Finally, your balance is shared.

Term & Condition

Terms & Conditions are listed below which are applicable to balance sharing

  • Both the Receiver and Request are both prepaid users.
  • The Minimum amount you can transfer is Rs 10/=
  • The Maximum amount you can transfer is Rs 200/=
  • the 12.5%  of advance income tax is applied to every charge.
  • a 19.5% GST is applicable.
  • Customers have must Rs 5/= in their account to transfer the balance.
  • Customers can make five transactions per day easily.
  • the 12.5%  of advance income tax is applied to every charge.
  • a 19.5% GST is applicable.
  • Customers have must Rs 5/= in their account to transfer a balance.
  • Customers can make five transactions per day easily.
  • This service is not available at dealers/shops/Employees/franchises.


So in this article, you learn about the Zong Yarri Load code. I hope this article is very helpful for you, you learn many things from this article.

So guys I added all the recent details about the Zong balance share Code. I add all the methods that actually help you in sharing the Zong balance. 

If I missed anything in this article please give me your feedback, and lastly please share this article with your friends and another person who wants to share the Zong balance and Zong share balance code.

Thanks for reading…


What is yarri load?

Yarri load is provided by Zong to their user they can share the balance easily.

Is the Yaari load service available to postpaid customers?

No, this service is only available for prepaid users.

Does the service require any subscription?

No, Yarri Load does not require subscribing.

Are there any charges for requesting the balance?

No there are no charges to other Zong users. the charges are deducted by the sender.

Does the load transfer service work all over Pakistan?

yes, this service is all over Pakistan, but excluding of these placed FATA and PATA.

Is there any limit to the transferable amount?

The minimum amount to transfer the balance is Rs 10/=.

Is there any limit to the transferable amount?

The maximum limit of transfer of balance is Rs 200/=.

How many times can I send the balance through Yaari Load?

Zong users can easily do 5 transitions per day.

Can we share the balance from Zong to Ufone, Telenor, Jazz/Warid, or any other operator SIM?

No, This service is only available for the Zong to Zong users.

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