Ufone Balance Share Code || How To Share Ufone Balance

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Ufone Balance share code

If you want to share your Ufone Balance with your friends and family members. Today in this article we are discussing how to share Ufone Balance with Ufone Balance Share Code And know the various methods that we can easily share Our Ufone Balance with others.

Ufone is one of the Pakistan leading Telecommunication networks in Pakistan, it offers convenient and hassle-free ways for its customers to share mobile balance credit with their friends and family. Whether you want to help a loved one in an emergency or simply wish to share your prepaid balance, the Ufone Balance share service is not a valuable feature at this time.

This is very helpful for those users who do have not enough balance on their SIM Cards, In that case, this is an amazing opportunity for their users. In this article, I share with you the step-by-step process of sharing your Ufone Mobile Balance, Including the required balance share code and some essential tips and their charges.

Ufone balance share code

How To Share Ufone Balance

Before Time Ufone Users faced the problem can not share their Ufone Balance with each other, so Ufone has launched an Amazing service for their SIM users, This is the Ufone Ushare, With this service you can easily transfer your balance From 1 SIM to Another SIM in simple and few Steps. Both methods Charge Some amount each time you share your Ufone Balance with other Users.

In this article, we discuss 2 methods of Ufone Balance share 

  • By the Ufone Balance Share Code
  • By the My Ufone App

Ufone Balance Share Code

This is the 1st method of my article which is Share Our Ufone Balance by the Ufone Balance Share Code, This is an easy and simple process that you can do in a few simple steps. The Ufone Balance share code is *828# and it works on all the Ufone Prepaid SIMs all over the Pakistani areas.

This USSD Code is both work on the Ufone To Ufone Network Or Other network SIMs.

If you want to share your Ufone balance then follow the simple instructions that I have given below.

  • Open your Mobile phone dialer
  • Dial this code *828*Number*Amount#. For Example *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#
  • And Replay with 1 to transfer your Balance.
  • Finally, your Balance has been Transferred Successfully.
Service NameUfone Balance Share Code
PriceRs 4.77+tax

Note: The Charge of the Balance share is Rs 4.77 + Tax.

Term & Condition

  • Company terms and conditions are applied
  • service charges apply.
  • This service is only valid for Prepaid SIM Users.
  • Customers can be able to make 4 maximum transactions per day
  • The transfer amount maximum is Rs 10.
  • The transfer amount maximum is Rs 600.
  • The maximum amount of balance that can be shared among Ufone subscribers is now limited to Rs 600/for a single transaction. If transfer amounts are greater than Rs 600/-, another transaction needs to be initiated.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  • The amount shared will have to be used before the end of this validity period or it will expire

Sharing oF Balance By My Ufone APP

This is the 2nd method of my article that you can use for sharing your Ufone Balance, In this method you don’t need any Ufone Balance Share USSD Code to share your Balance. You share your balance in a few seconds with a few taps. This app is available on the Play Store and the APP Store For IOS Users.

If you want to share your Ufone Balance By My Ufone APP follows the given instruction below, This is a step-by-step process that you must follow.

Share Ufone Balance by My Ufone App
  • Go to the PlayStore OR APP Store
  • Search My Ufone App
  • Install this application on your Mobile device
  • Login into your account by you (Mobile Number OR Password).
  • If you use this app first then you then you create an account first.
  • Here you see the option Ushare
  • GO to UShare and enter the Number and amount that you want to share
  • Click On the Send Button
  • Finally, Your balance is shared.

Note: Please one thing that you can keep in Mind is that app features and app navigation may change over time or each year. so ensure that the latest version of this app and all the process is the same.

Sharing the balance from this app Ufone charges some amount of sharing of balance, that is 4+tax.


So in this article, you know the How to share your Ufone Balance and the best 2 methods that you can easily share your Ufone Balance. I hope this article is very helpful for you, you learn many things from this article.

So guys I added all the latest information and details about How to share Ufone Balance. I add all the topics that help you share your Ufone balance. 

if I missed anything in this article please give me your feedback, and lastly please share this article with your friends and other people who want to know the methods of sharing Their Ufone Balance.

thanks for reading…


How To Transfer Balance From Ufone To Ufone?

Use Ufone balance sharing code *828*User Number*Amount To Be Shared# or you can use My Ufone App to transfer the balance from Ufone To Ufone easily.

How To Transfer Balance From Ufone To Other Networks?

Ufone doesn’t allow to their user to transfer the balance from Ufone to other networks.

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