How to Convert Telenor SIM to Jazz

Many people in Pakistan are not worried about Telenor SIM because of their packages, their coverage issues, and the pricing of their packages. And they want to change from SIM Network to another SIM Network. In Pakistan at this time there are 4 Telecommunication companies exist that’s are Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone. You can easily transfer your Telenor SIM to The other network.

How to convert Telenor SIM To Jazz

Here is the complete guide on How to convert your Telenor SIM to Jazz. Convert your SIM in simple and a few easy steps. All problem has been solve at this time.

In this article, you learn How to convert Telenor SIM to Jazz Without any issues. I provide many other ways by which you easily change your SIM Network. You must follow this comprehensive guide if you want to change your SIM Network.

Requirements To Convert Telenor SIM to Jazz SIM

  • Some things are required to convert Telenor SIM to Jazz.
  • Nadra Certified CNIC ( Identity Card)
  • The Telenor SIM that you want to change
  • Keep in mind that you don’t submit any outstanding or dues to the Telenor.
  • Telenor SIM must have been activated for the last 60 days.

How to Convert Telenor SIM to Jazz

There are 2 ways that you easily change your SIM Network To the other.

  • Converting Telenor Sim to Jazz By SMS
  • Converting Telenor SIM to Jazz By the Franchise

Convert Telenor SIM to Jazz SIM

  • Open your Mobile Phone Message App
  • Write the SMS “MNP” and send to it “667”.
  • After sending the SMS you Receive the SMS from “667”.
  • Here you see the SIM owner Details such as ID card Number and Name.
  • Forward this SMS to “76321”.
  • You receive an SMS from the Jazz that says ” Dear Customer Your Porting Request has been received, Thank you to choosing the Jazz Network.
  • In 4 to 5 Days your Network has been changing to the Jazz.

Converting Telenor SIM to Jazz By the Franchise

  • This is the second method that you can use to convert your Telenor SIM to Jazz.
  • Visit your City Jazz Franchise with the PIN Code that you received from your Telenor SIM Card.
  • Provide them with your CNIC Copy and Pay the registration fees.
  • Your Telenor Number will be converted to the Jazz within 3 to 4 Days.
  • Here you have Jazz SIM with the Best Package and the fastest 4G Speed.

Benefits of Converting Telenor SIM to Jazz

  • Those are very benefits of Jazz SIM.
  • Best availability of the packages.
  • Good internet speed.
  • Customer service is good and fast..
  • The Network Coverage is best.
  • Attractive and Amazing Offers and deals.


The change of the Telenor network is easy and is easy to transfer. you can easily change without any issue or problem.

You do not need to go to the franchise to convert your SIM, which you can do from your Home very easily, and with few simple steps.

With the conversion of Telenor to Jazz SIM you get a lot of benefits from a Jazz SIM.  Jazz Users benefit a lot from this network. if you face any kind of problem then you need to contact at Jazz franchise OR contact Jazz Customer Care Support.

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How Can I Convert MY SIM TO Jazz?

Yes! you convert your SIM to Jazz BY SMS or By the Franchise.

Which Network is best in Pakistan?

There are 6 Networks currently working in Pakistan but the best network in Pakistan is Jazz.

Can I keep my existing mobile number when converting from Telenor to Jazz?

Yes, the existing number is the same when converting to Jazz.

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