How to check Zong Remaining MBs?

Sheheryar Ahmed
How to check Zong Remaining MBs

As one of Pakistan’s Largest telecommunication contributors, zong provides the fastest connectivity and convenience to its customers. Because of this wide range of data and their Internet and call packages. The zong has gained popularity among Pakistani users.

In this article, you will learn how to check Zong Remaining MBs. Check the remaining internet packages, and check the remaining MBS on zong 4G. If you want to know How to check Zong remaining MBs then you can Complete reading this article. 

How to check zong remaining Mbs
How to check zong Remaining Mbs

In this article, I tell the 4 methods that you can check your Zong Remaining Package MBs. 

  • Check Internet MBS through the Code
  • Check Internet MBS by the My zong app
  • Check MBS from the device portal
  • Check Internet MBs By Zong eCare

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs

In That case, you have Subscribed to any zong packages. And you get MBs from the company. And you want to know how much data you consumed or how many MBs are left on your Internet Package. You not worry about that I provide the various methods that you can use to know the remaining package MBs.

Many people can use the internet in their daily lives. Because the internet is a Basic necessity in their life. Therefore the daily routine the many people is converted into MBB devices and internet data Sims.

Zong also provides MBB devices and Internet Data Sims to their users. you can use the Internet at any time. Zong also provides this facility to their users of Internet MBB and Data Sim packages to there users.

In this article, I share with you the complete method that you know about checking your Zong remaining Internet data. This is a step-by-step guide that you can check your zong internet MBs easily and simply.

Check Zong Remaining MBs By code

you can easily check your Zong Remaining Packages by the code. It is a very easy and simple method by which you can find your Remaining Internet MBS, SMS, and Minutes.

Check Zong Remaining Mbs by Code

If you subscribe to any Zong internet bundle you can check zong Mbs by this code. This Code is applied on all the zong Internet Bundles. you can Dial this code *102# code and you check your Remaining Internet Mbs.

This is a step-by-step process you can check your zong Remaining packages, Follow the instructions that I have given below.

  • Go to your Mobile phone dialer
  • dial this code *102*4# and wait for second
  • 4 options are displayed on the screen
  • Replay With the Number 4 to check MBS
  • After you press the dial button 
  • Soon you received the SMS
  • In the SMS you can get your Remaining MBs

Zong can charge Rs0.10+Tax on each chacking of the MBs.

Zong Remaining MBs By Code List

Here I give you the Some Code that you can check your Zong Remaining packages Internet MBs, Minutes, SMS.

Get All Detail*102*1#
Know Remaining Minutes*102*2#
For Remaining SMS*102*3#
For Remaining MBs*102*4#

Check Internet MBs with the My zong app

There is another way that you can check your Zong Remaining internet MBs Through the My Zong App this is an easy and simple method. The Amazing thing about this method is that This method is completely free you can check your Remaining internet MBs without any charges. This My Zong App is available on the Play Store and the App Store you can easily install it on your mobile devices.

check internet MBs with my zong app

Follow the steps that I have given below

  • Go to the Play Store 
  • Search MY Zong APP
  • Install is an app on your Mobile Device
  • Open this app and Click on the sign-in
  • if you are the first time on this app just click on the Signup Give the Following details and complete your Sign Process
  • After sign-in to this App, you can easily your Remaining MBs in front of your Mobile screen.

Check MBS from the Device Portal

There is another simple method that you can check your Remining internet data by your Zong device Ip address. I you want to check your Remaining MBs then you can follow the Simple step-by-step Guide that I have given below.

Check MBS from the device portal-
  • Open your mobile browser
  • Put this IP Address on the browser and press enter.
  • If the above IP address is not working properly then you can connect your Zong device to your PC Or laptop.
  • After Adding your Zong IP address on the browser press enter. 
  • The Login screen is open on the right side.
  • They will ask for your username and password. 
  • After adding your username and password, click on the login.
  • After login on to the website
Check MBS from the device portal
  • Click on the Check The Data Usage button, and 4 options appear on the screen.
  • Now you can write 1 or 4 in the box and press send.
  • After that, you will receive an SMS on your number
  • So that you can see easily your Remaining MBs.

Check Internet MBs By Zong eCare

You can check your Zong MBS with Zong ecare or Zong My app. If you forgot the Zong MBS check code then you use Zong ecare to check your MBS and the details of your account.

how to check mbs b y zong e care

This is a simple method that you can easily check and manage your Zong account. Both the prepaid and the postpaid user can use this method and see their detail easily.

By using this app you can easily check your internet MBS along with Minutes and SMS. this is the step-by-step guide that you never missed.

Follow the instructions below

First of all, create your Username and password on ecare. 

  • Open Zong E-care on your mobile
  • now give you username and password
  • solve the captcha 
  • click on the submit button
  • after login to your account
  • check your internet MBs


In this article how to check zong remaining MBs, I add all the information that I want that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article then give you feedback in the comment section. Your feedback is very helpful to me.

After reading this article, I hope this article is helpful to you in learning the new way of checking zong remaining internet Mbs. please share this article with your friends and other members who want to know about zong remaining package, I say definitely this article is very beneficial to your friends.

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How much cost of checking Internet Mbs by code?

The zong can Charge RS 0.20 + tax when you can check your Mbs by the code.

How to check the remaining MBs in Zong Weekly or Monthly package?

This method and code are applied to all the Zong Internet Bundles.

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