How to Check Zong Number without Balance

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How to check zong SIM Number

If you search How to check zong number or Number check code. you are in the right place today in this article we discuss how to check zong number if you forget your zong sim number then don’t worry.

After forgetting your SIM Number, you are looking the ways to check your SIM Number. This is the Right place you know about the various methods to check your Zong SIM number. Some people can not truly define the right ways to check your Zong Number.

If you Are one of them, and you forget your SIM number, Don’t Worry about that I give you My Best can help you find your Zong SIM Number, without wasting any more time let’s begin to learn how to check Zong SIM Number.

Because in this article you see several methods that help you to check your zong number instantly. there are all methods that are free you can check easily your number.

How to check zong Number
How to check Zong SIM Number

How to Check Zong Number?

There are various Methods of checking your zong number this is a simple and easy method that you can use to check your zong number. Almost all methods are free but some methods are paid.

  • Check the zong number by the code
  • Check zong number by SMS
  • Check the number by calling the helpline
  • Check the number by the My zong app
  • Check the number by calling a Friend
  • Check Zong Number by Phone Settings
  • Check Zong Number By CNIC

How to check the zong number by Code?

The zong number check code is free of cost. For this method, we don’t not any Balance in the sim. you can dial this code into your phone dialer and press the button your number shows on your mobile screen.

Zong Number Check Code
Zong Number Check Code

The Best thing about this method is you can check your Zong Number by entering a simple code from your phone dialer.

There are 2 codes that you can Check your Zong Number

Code 1

  • Open your Mobile Phone Dialer
  • Enter this SIM Number and check Code *8#.
  • Press the Dialer Button.
  • Now the Code is processed.
  • A Pop-Up message is shown on your screen so that you can see your Zong Number.

Code 2

  • Open your Mobile Phone Dial Pad.
  • Dial this code *310# and Press the Dail Button.
  • Now You see the various menus on your screen.
  • Now Dial “9” Select the “MY Account” by pressing the Send Button.
  • Then you Dial “2” to Choose “My Service” and click OK.
  • Now, Dial “4” to select the Option ” View My Number” And press the OK Button.
  • Your Zong SIM Number is Displayed on Your Mobile Screen.

Zong Number Check Code

There are many other codes to check your zong number. this zong code I give below you can easily dial this code and check your zong number

PriceCodes & Methods
Free*310*1*9*2*4# or *310*9*2*4#
FreeSend “O” to 7911
FreeSend “v” to 7911
Rs 2+taxSend “MY NO” to 777

How to check zong Number By SMS

Checking Your Zong Number By the SMS is Best method that you can Check your Zong Number. They have both PAid and Free SMS methods. It totally depends on with method that you select.

Here is the detail of How you Can do it in a Few Steps:

To use this Paid method
Open your Message app, select new Message Type This “MNP” and send it to this number 667.

Check Zong Number By Paid SMS

Note: Charges are applied for this method.

Alternatively, you also type “MY NO” and send to it number 777. As soon you receive the SMS you can your Number and other details.

How to Check Zong Number without Balance

Note: Charges are applied for this method.

Free SMS Method

This is the Free SMS method that you can easily check your Zong Number without any balance.

Open your message app and write a new message Type “O” and send to it 7911.

Check Zong Number Ny Free SMS

The other free option is that Type “V” and send to it 7911.

Check Zong Number by Free SMS

With this Free SMS Method, you can receive An SMS that you can see your Zong Number.

Check the number by calling the helpline

The Zong Helpline is the best and easiest option to check your Zong number.

Simple Dial this Zong Helpline number 310 and then connect to the zong helpline center. After The Connecting You inform the operator that helps you to find your Zomg SIM Number.

The operator asks several questions about your details to confirm your identity. These questions include your Name, Mother’s name, Place of birth, and your CNIC Number.
After your Successful verification, the zong representative operator is
satisfied with you.

Note: This method will charge on current call setup charges. This is the best option to check your zong number.

Check Number By My Zong App

You can check your Zong Number by “My Zong App”. This free app provides zong to its users. You can Check your Number without any charges OR Balance. You also check your Remaining MBs and other bundle details from this Application. Follow the simple steps that I have given below that help you Find your zong number.

Check Zong Number by My Zong App
Check Zong Number By My Zong App

You install this “MY ZONG APP” from both the PlayStore and APPstore.
If you are using this app for the first time then you first register and then log in using your zong account details.
After logging in to your account, You are on the Home Page. Here you see the various options.
Tap on the top right corner you see three lines. The SIM Number are shown at the top of the menu that appears.

Check the number By Calling a Friend

One of the best and simplest methods is to check your Zong number by calling a friend.

Is the one of the effective methods that you can use to check your zong number. First, you need to select one of your Friend numbers and then dial. As the call goes to your friend’s number, Your SIM Number will display on your Friend’s mobile. This is a simple and straightforward way to check your Zong SIM Number.

Note: For this method, you require some balance for the call charges.

Check Zong Number by Phone Settings

You can easily find you zong number by using your phone setting. You can easily find your zong number by this method on your device, without any balance or Number Check Code. You can easily done it by just few clicks on your phone setting, your number are find.

Check zong number by phone setting

Follow these simple and the easy step by step guide to find your Zong Number.

  • Open your Mobile phone setting.
  • After Open the Setting, Scroll down and explore the different section. You can find Or search this on search Bar “About Phone” and click on it.
  • After that Search “All Specs” or option are similar like that “Phone Information” OR “System Information” different in different device.
  • Search the “status” or Similar like that and click on it to continue.
  • In this section you will see Your device details, which Include that your SIM Number,Or “Phone Number”.
  • Here your SIM Number are displayed.

Note: The important thing is that the process is similar in all the Mobile devices, In some device is might be slightly different In their menu wording. However you can follow this simple step and easily find your Zong SIM Number easily on your phone setting.

How to check Zong Number By CNIC

I you want to check your zong number by CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), It is a simplest method. This is the best and secure way to check and confirm your number.

Here the PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) provide platform to the users that offer the detailed information to the users. You can easily access this service on PTA official website. On this You enter your ID card OR CNIC Number and you will receive the detialed information about all the SIM card that you register and active on your ID Card OR CNIC Number On your Name. It is the easy way to obtain the accurate data about your Active SIM Cards.

how to check Zong Number By CNIC

Here i provide you the step by step guide to check your SIM Number BY the Help Of CNIC.

Open your browser and search PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) offical website.
Here you see the Box where you can Put you Valid CNIC number. Make sure you can put your number without Dash (-).
After input the CNIC Number then verify Captcha and then Click on Submit Button.
Once your request is process, All the information regarding your register Number are show on the screen.

Note: This is the Free method the result is accurate.

Terms & Conditions

  • Check if the zong number is free
  • You can check the number of active SIM
  • Zong can change the code at any time, for more detail check the zong official website.
  • For more detail and information, directly contact the zong customer care service.
  • For calling the customer care operator, you know about the Sim owner, number, number register data, number sim location, and many other details about it.


we are covered the several methods and way about How to Check Zong Number, that start from Codes, Helpline and approach the calling customer care center and other method that i used. The other method that i given above in this article its fail from some reasons then you Contact at the customer care service opertare that are definitly help you to find your Zong number, and it is beneficial for you.

I give my Best to this article i share only the information and the latest detail about how to check zong Number, if i Missed any thing that give your feedback in the comment section that are very beneficial for me.

The conclusion of this article is that for the above method, you can easily check your zong number for this method. i hope this article is very helpful for you please share this article with your friends and another member who wants to know about how to check zong number

Thanks for reading…

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