How To Check Ufone Balance|| Simple Ways to Check Ufone Balance

Sheheryar Ahmed
How to check Ufone Balance

Ufone is the best and first telecom company in Pakistan. if you use the ufone sim in your mobile phone and you want to know How to check the ufone balance in your mobile without any Charges. Today in this article we are discussing How to check ufone Balance and knowing the Ufone balance check code.

How to check Ufone Balance

There are many methods to check the ufone sim balance But in this article, we discuss only 3 Simple Ways to Check Ufone Balance Without Charges.

3 Ways to Check Ufone Balance

There are many ways to Check Ufone balance but they have some charges, There are only three Ways to check the ufone balance. Follow the below instructions to check the Ufone balance. This is a step-by-step process please read it carefully.

How to check Ufone Balance?

You can Check your Ufone balance by this simple and easy method that I discuss below.

  • Ufone balance check code
  • My ufone app
  • Make Voice Call Enquiry

Ufone balance check code

I you want to check your ufone balance through the code this is a very simple and easy process. It can be done in simple and few steps. this code is free of cost your balance can not be charged by this Balance Check code. 

Code NameUfone Balance Check code
PriceRs 0.12 including Tax
  • step 1 Go to your dialer pad on the Phone. 
  • Step  2 Simply dial this code *124# press the button
  • and just wait a few seconds to receive the SMS of your Remaining balance in your Message app.

My ufone app 

If you want to check your ufone Balance online then you can go with the My Ufone App the Amazing thing about this app this is totally free. you can use this app without any Balance and without any Data charges. 

Ufone gives the facility their customer can check their balance, Internet MBs, call minutes, and subscribe to their package via the My ufone app.

It is easy to use and performs many things in this app.

My Ufone app has been published on both the Play Store and App Store that way Android and iOS users can easily install their app.  

step 1

Go to the Play Store and search my ufone app

Step 2

Click on install then My Ufone App starts installing on your mobile

Step 3 

Go to the My Ufone app and if you use this app for the first time then you can click on sign up ” Add your Number” and further detail.

If you use the My ufone app for the first time, you need to make an account on this App. it requires your signup. 

Step 4

After the sign-up then click on the sign-in then Add your “Ufone Number” and proceed further.

you need some details for this signup to enter your username, mobile number, username, valid email, and password, Fill in all this information step by step in the required section. and complete your signup.

Step 5 

Just tap on the app and open it. then open the app to see your remaining balance and internet MBs on your screen.

Make a voice call Enquiry

The third method is to check your Ufone SIM balance through a Voice call inquiry. you can follow these simple steps to check your balance through the voice call inquiry.

QueryBalance check via call
Check CodeDial 333
ChargesRs 0.75 + Tax

Follow the steps that I have given below

  • Open your phone dialer pad
  • simply type 333 number
  • you receive that voice from the operator telling you how much your balance is left.

Final words

In this article, we detail discuss how to check ufone balance and learn about the simple way that I can check my ufone balance through the code, voice inquiry, and My Ufone app.

Now finally you can check your Ufone SIM balance easily and in a simple way without any problems. I hope this article is helpful for you Please share it with your friends and other members who want to know how to check Ufone balance.


How can I check my Ufone balance?

just dial simply *124# on your dialing pad and check your balance.

what is the Ufone helpline number?

if you want to call the ufone helpline number just dial 333 or 0331-1333100.

Can we check ufone balance with the official ufone app?

Yes, you also Use this method to check your Ufone SIM Balance by My Ufone App. Just install this My Zong Application on your Mobile and check your Ufone Balance in a few Simple steps.

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