How to check Telenor Number [ New Methods]

Sheheryar Ahmed
How to check Telenor Number

In today’s interconnected life, staying in touch with your contacts is important, and knowing your Mobile Number is your First Step. As the Telenor user, I help you to find your Telenor number in straightforward methods.

In this article, I explore the different methods that you can check your Telenor Number without any effort. Whether you prefer the Quick Telenor Number check USSD Code, Simple SNS and the Mobile app, or Help of Assistance of Customer service, that I covered in this article.

Sometimes you forget your mobile number and you are looking for How to check Telenor Number. Today in this post you will know how to check your Telenor number and also know the various methods to check your Telenor numbers.

Some Methods are Free and Some are paid, You may pay charges for that.

How to check Telenor Number

How to Check Telenor Number

There are 4 ways to check your Telenor number, you can easily use this method to check your Telenor number.

  • Check Telenor Number by the code
  • Check Telenor number via the SMS
  • Check Telenor number on the Helpline
  • Check Telenor number By telenor app
  • Check Telenor Number by Calling a Friend
  • Check Telenor Number by Phone setting
  • Check Telenor Number By CNIC

How To Check Telenor Number By The Code

A simple and best method is to check your telenor SIM Number by Code. This is the free method that you can quickly check your telenor sim number. 

Telenor number check code

This is the step-by-step process that you can easily implement and you can check your Telenor number. 

  • open your mobile dialer
  • dial this code *8888# on your mobile
  • Press the dial button
  • shortly you can receive an SMS from Telenor that you can see your telenor number.

Telenor Number Check Codes

Telenorservice ChargesEmpty SMS to 7421
TelenorFreeCall on the 7421
TelenorService Chargescall 345 Telenor helpline

Term & Condition

  • This USSD code works only on active SIM cards, it does not work on inactive SIM Cards
  • Telenor company has the authority to change the code at any time, So please check their official website in case their code can not work.
  • The USSD Code is I be free, but charges are applied using the telenor Policies.

Check Telenor Number Via The SMS

Checking your Telenor Number by SMS is the best method that you can check your Telenor Number. They have some charges that pay for the sending of SMS.

Check Number Via SMS

Follow this instruction below if you want to check your Telenor number

  • Open your Mobile Message App
  • Send this empty Message on this code 7421
  • You will replay an SMS from the 7421
  • It will take up to a few seconds until you receive an SMS from 7421. You will soon receive a message on your Telenor Number.

In case you do have not enough balance and your balance is running out and you are unable to send SMS, Then you have 1 remaining option which is voice inquiry.
For voice inquiry, you need the step-by-step guide that i have given below.

Call ON 7421

Check Number Via Call

Open your Mobile Phone Dialer
Dial this code 7421 and then press on dial button.
As your call is going to the telenor
Shortly you will receive a replay from 7421.
They Tell you the Telenor SIM Number!

Check Number BY Calling A Friend

That is one of the best and the simplest methods that you can check your Telenor Number By calling a friend.

This is one of the most effective methods that you can use to check your Telenor Number. First, you need to select your Friend number and then dial on it. As the call is going on your friend’s number. Your Telenor SIM Number is displayed on a friend’s mobile display screen. You can capture a screenshot and save your number. This is the best and most straightforward method which you can easily check your Telenor Number.

Note: For applying this method you Require some balance to make a call.

Check Telenor Number By The Helpline

The Telenor Helpline is the best and easiest way to check your Telenor number. You Don’t need any Balance for this method to check your Telenor Number.

Check Number Via Call

Simple Dial the Telenor Helpline Number 345 and then connect to the Telenor Helpline center. After that connecting to the telenor Helpline center the Telenor Operator helps you to find your Telenor SIM Number.

The operator will ask several questions about your details to confirm your identity. This question, includes your Name, Mother’s Name, Place of birth, and your CNIC Number.

After the successful verification, the Telenor Representative operator is satisfied with you. And they give your Telenor Number.

If you want to check your Telenor Number with the help of the Telenor Helpline then Follow the step-by-step instructions that I have given below.

  • Open your Mobile phone dialer
  • Dial this code 345
  • And press the dialer button
  • Talk with the telenor Helpline operater
  • They will ask for some details for the verification
  • After the successful verification, they give your Telenor Number

Check Telenor Number By Telenor App

You can check your Telenor Number by “My Telenor App”. This app provides telenor to their users. you can check your Number without any charges or Balance credits. You also check the Remaining MBs of your active package and other package details and their price from this application.

This app is very beneficial for telenor users using the telenor sim. you can choose your Telenor package and detail the package from this app.

Check Telenor Number by My Telenor App

Telenor app is Both available for Android and iPhone users. this app is available in the APP store and the Play Store and you can easily use and install it on your mobile phone.

Follow The simple steps that I have given below that help you find your Telenor Number.

  • Go to the Play Store and search MY TELENOR APP
  • Install is an app on your Mobile
  • After the installation open this app
  • If you are using this app first time then you first register and then log in using your account details.
  • Click on the start button
  • You can see your telenor number on the APP Home screen.

Check Telenor Number BY Phone Setting

You can easily find your Telenor number by using your phone setting. You can easily find your Telenor number by this method on your device. You don’t need any balance or Number check code, and mobile internet for this method. This method is totally free. You can easily do it with just a few clicks on your Mobile Phone settings, and your number is found.

Check Telenor Number by Phone Setting
Check Telenor Number by Phone Setting

Follow these simple step-by-step guides to find your Telenor Number in a Few Seconds.

Open your Mobile Phone Setting
After opening your Mobile Setting, Scroll down OR search this on your Mobile Search Bar ” About Phone” and click On it.
After the search “All Specs” or options are similar to “Phone Information” Or “System Information” that’s options are different in the different mobile.
Search the “status” or Similar option and click on it to continue.
In this section, you will see your Mobile device details, which include your SIM Number or “Phone Number”.
Here you can see your Telenor SIM Number.

Note: The Important point is that the process i similar on all mobile devices, But in some mobile devices it is slightly different and their menu wording, but the process is the same. However, if you follow these simple steps you can get your Telenor SIM Number easily on your Mobile Phone Settings.

How to check Telenor Number By CNIC

I you want to check your Telenor SIM Number by the CNIC(Computerized National Identity Card), It is a simple and easy way. This is one of the most secure ways to check and confirm your Telenor SIM Number.

How to check Telenor Number By CNIC
How to check Telenor Number By CNIC

The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) provides a platform to the user offer detailed information to the users. You can easily access this service on the PTA Official website. On this site, you enter your ID Card OR CNIC Number and you will receive informational details about the SIM Cards that are registered and that are active on your ID CARD or CNIC Number, in Your Name. Here you see you and Obtain the accurate information about your Actives SIM Cards.

Here I provide the step-by-step guide to check Your Telenor SIM Number with the help of CNIC.

  • Open Your Mobile Browser and search the term PTA( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) Official website. Here you see The BOX Where you put your Valid CNIC Number. Make Sure that You Put your CNIC without Dash(-).
  • After Input the CNIC Number then CLick on verify captcha and then click on the Submit Button.
  • Once your request is processed, All the Information regarding your registered SIM Number is shown on the screen.

Note: This Method is Free of cost And the result is 100% accurate.


We have covered several methods and ways how to check Telenor Number, that’s are start from the codes, the helpline to the Telenor Calling Center, and the other method that I Already defined for you. The Above methods in this article fail without any reason and cannot work on your SIM, Then you contact the Telenor Customer Care Service Center they will definitely help you to find your Telenor SIM Number, This is really beneficial for you.

I gave my Best in this article, I Only shared the information that is important and informational for you. and Gave you the Latest details about How to check Telenor Number, suppose i missed any detail in this article then your helpful feedback in the comment section, that’s are very helpful for me.

The Conclusion of this Whole article is that the above methods help you to check your Telenor Number easily. I hope this article is very helpful for you please share this article with your Friends and other family members who want to know about the methods of How to check Telenor Number.

Thanks for Reading!

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