How To Check Telenor Mbs Latest Method

Sheheryar Ahmed
How to check Telenor Mbs

In the digital age, the Internet has become an important part of our daily life. The Internet helps to connect with our family and other world. Telenor is one of Pakistan’s leading Telecommunication service provider networks in Pakistan, Telenor offers a large number wide range of data planes to their customers.

In this article, You learn about How to check Telenor MBs. In this article, you know the various methods that you can check Telenor Remaining MBs.

How to check telenor Mbs

In case you Subscribe to any Telenor Internet Data package. If you use the internet and you want to know How Many Internet MBs are left. Don’t worry about that in this article I provide various methods that you can easily check your Telenor Mbs.

In this article, I share with you the various methods to check your Telenor MBs with a step-by-step guide so that you can easily check your Telenor Internet MBs in a few simple steps in a few seconds.

How to check telenor Mbs

In this article, I tell you the 4 best methods that you can check your Telenor Remaining Mbs.

  • Check Telenor Mbs by the code
  • Check Telenor Mbs by the My Telenor App
  • Check Telenor MBs By Official Website
  • Check Telenor MBs By the Helpline

How to check Telenor Mbs By Code

This is the 1st method of my article that you can check your Telenor Remaining Internet MBs by the Code, This is the simple and easiest method that you can easily know How much Internet MBS are left.

Telenor Mbs check code

If you already subscribe to any Telenor internet package you can use this code to check your Remaining MBs. This code is applied to all the Telenor Internet Bundles. You can dial this code *999# and check your Remaining MBs.

This is the step-by-step process you can check your Telenor remaining packages, by following the instructions provided below.

  • Open your Mobile Phone dialer
  • Dial this code *999# The PoP-Up message is shown on your screen.
  • That you can see Your Remaining Internet Package Details.

Note: This Telenor MBs check code is not free, You need to pay charges Rs 0.24 for each time of check this code.

Service NameTelenor MBs Check Code
PriceRs 0.24

Telenor Remaining MBs Check Code List

Here I give you some code that you can check your Telenor Remaining packages Internet MBs, Minutes, SMS.

Minutes Check Code*222#
SMS Check Code*111#
MBs Check Code*999#
Balance Check Code*444#

Check Internet Mbs by the My telenor app

There is the 2nd method of my article that you can use to check your Telenor Remaining MBs With the help of My Telenor APP. This is a simple and easy method this method is totally free you don’t need to pay any on the USSD Code. This My Telenor Application is both available for the Play Store and the APP store for IOS users. YOu can easily install this App on your Smartphone devices.

Check telenor Mbs by My Telenor App

Follow the steps that I provided below.

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Search My Telenor App
  • Install it on your Mobile Device
  • Open this Application the Sign-in Page is shown.
  • Click On the Sign-in Button
  • If you use this App for the first time then you are the first to register on this application by Giving the Following details
  • After signing in to this App, You can see your Remaining MBs On the Top of the Mobile Screen.

Check Telenor MBs By Online Website

This is the 3rd method of my article that you can use to check your Telenor MBs, In this method you don’t need any MBs to check the Code OR Any Application installation on your Mobile, And you do not need to pay any charges for that, this is free of cost.

If you want that follow the simple steps that I mention below.

  • Open your Mobile Phone Browsers
  • Go to the Telenor Official website
  • If you have a Telenor account, log in with your credentials (phone number and password).
  • If you don’t have an account, you may need to create one.
  • After logging in, you should be directed to your account dashboard, where you can see various details, including your remaining mobile data balance.
  • Look for a section that displays your mobile data balance or usage. It may be labeled as “Remaining Data” or something similar.
  • You should now see your remaining Telenor MBs on the website.

Note: The one thing that you can keep in mind that is after some time can change their layout design and categories section. Then Don’t worry about that the method that I gave you is the same this works in all the conditions. If you need more detail then follow the Latest guidance on their official website.

Check Telenor Mbs By Telenor Helpline

This is the 4th method of my article you can directly know your Remaining Internet MBs by the Telenor Helpline, This is a convenient and straightforward process that you easily know your Remaining MBs without any effort.

Check Telenor Mbs by  Telenor Helplinne

To check your Telenor MBs (mobile data balance) using the Telenor helpline, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your Mobile Phone Dialer
  • Dial this Number +92 (42) 111 345 100
  • Press the call button
  • After that, you connect to the Telenor Helpline Center.
  • After that follow the instruction carefully.
  • They will guide you through the process so that you can easily check your Remaining Package.

Note: This is not free you need to pay the charges of Rs. 2 + Tax will be charged for each call connected to a Customer Relationship Officer.

Check Telenor Internet Package for Postpaid Users

If you are a Telenor Postpaid user, and you know to check your Telenor Mbs. You also use the above methods that I mentioned to you that is My Telenor App, Telenor Helpline, and Online Check by the Telenor Website. These methods both work on the prepaid and the postpaid SIM. If you want then follow these simple steps.

  • Open your Mobile Phone Dialer
  • Dial this Code *121# and Press on the dial button
  • You will receive an SMS of your remaining Internet balance

Follow these simple steps so that you can check your Telenor Remaining Internet MBS on your postpaid SIM effortlessly.

Term & Condition

  • Terms & Conditions apply
  • Service charges are apply
  • 12.5% GST Tax is applied
  • The default rate of internet usage is Rs 5 per MB
  • For further information contact at helpline
  • This code is valid Only for the prepaid Customer


In this article on How to check Telenor Mbs, I add all the information that I want that is helpful to you. If I missed anything in this article then give you feedback in the comment section. Your feedback is very helpful to me. In this article, I add the various methods some are paid and some are free. That you can use to your Chooise.

After reading this article, I hope this article is helpful to you in learning the new way of checking telenor MBs. please share this article with your friends and other members who want to know about How to check Telenor Mbs, this article is definitely beneficial to your friends.

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